Happy Pi Day (3/14)!

Today’s a particularly cold and dark Pi day…but don’t let it stop you from (eating) what matters most in life (pie). A day for Pi, is a day for Pie after all. So why not celebrate our favourite irrational number by eating an irrational number of pies today? Blow away the dreariness with the comfort of a warm and filling meat pie, and here’s some new ones this month to get you started. 

Foie Gras and Pigeon Pithivier @UPPER Modern Bistro

This one’s unmissable ladies and gents. This gorgeous pie is a new addition from UPPER Modern Bistro’s menu this season. Cut into this beauty, and you’ll find beautiful layers of pigeon-rum pate, pigeon breast and foie gras. The whole shebang is then locked together inside a golden puff pastry and served with a decadent sauce of pigeon, red wine and black truffles. And if that’s not enough texture already, the pie is finished with shavings of black truffle showered generously on top. 

6-14 Elegance Court G/F Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, 2517 0977, upper-bistro.com


Savory Steak & Kidney Pie @Tai Tai Pie Pie

This Steak & Kidney pie is a nostalgic and beefy reminiscence of old-world Hong Kong encased inside Tai Tai Pie Pie’s signature lard&butter pie crust. Prime Strip loin, beef kidney, mushrooms and onions are packed together and cooked into a thick gravy. Get a few of these to take away and grab a few more, cos on Pi-day in particular, they are offering some amazing 3.14-themed deals.

Great Food Hall, Pacific Place II, Admiralty, 2918 9986; taitaipiepies.oddle.me



Guinness Pie @ BRICK LANE

A thick and beefy stew encased under a fluffy homemade puff pastry might be just the thing to warm you on these colder-than-usual days of spring. Fulfil your pie cravings with BRICK LANE’s new menu that includes the good ol’ traditional Guinness Beef Pie. Tender morsels of slow-cooked beef, fresh herbs, carrots and celery are soaked into the thick Guinness broth. The whole thing is then covered with a homemade all-butter puff pastry. 

4/F, CITIC Tower, 1 Tim Mei Avenue, Admiralty, 2363 2500; bricklane.com.hk



Cornish Pasties @ The Globe

What in the world is a pasty? A pastry? A patty? It’s sort of the middle ground of those two, honestly said. A juicy filling of beef, potato and turnip is packed into a rough puff pastry and sealed along the side in adorable twists. It’s the ultimate British comfort food that’s not so common in Hong Kong. So here’s your chance to try them at mostly-British-fare pub ‘The Globe’. The Globe is a local favourite known to serve up new pies every few weeks; sometimes classics like these Cornish Pasties, and sometimes more interesting flavours like their (also new) Japanese Pork Curry Pie.

Garley Building, 45-53 Graham Street, Central, 2543 1941; theglobe.com.hk




Angela Kwon