5 to try: Ready to cook meal delivery kits available in Hong Kong

by: Abegaile Legaspi
29 Apr 2020

If you’re tired of serving the same old spaghetti or grilled chicken or simply just looking for something else to do (we feel you!), it’s time to channel your inner home cook and shake things up a bit in the kitchen. Impress your diners with our pick of ready-to-cook delivery packages that’ll have you looking like a pro.

Too lazy to cook? Check out these meal delivery services instead.

The Butchers Club

Build the burger of your dreams with The Ultimate Burger Back (HK$328 good for 4 persons) from Michelin-recommended The Butchers Club. Perfect for a little booze and bites gathering, the online-exclusive package includes 4 pieces of their signature ready-to-grill dry-aged beef burgers, handmade buns and white cheddar cheese slices each plus a serving of homemade bacon (need we say more?).


Eat The Kiwi

The holiday season may be long over but giving us excuses to be festive is New Zealand-based online grocer Eat The Kiwi with their Roast Te Mana Lamb recipe kit (HK$392 good for 4 persons). Included in the kit are free-range, sustainably-sourced and premium products such as one frozen Te Mana Lamb small bone-in-leg, punnet fresh thyme and rosemary, Wild Fennel Co. sheep seasoning, two capsicums and more! To guide you on your culinary way (and possibly not burn down the kitchen) it also comes with step-by-step instructions.


Jou Sun

Take the guesswork out of meal prep thanks to Jou Sun’s wide array of readily-available recipe kits. From tandoori salmon tikka skewers with flavours that pack a punch to the hearty poached eggs on avocado toast, there’s something to suit everyone’s palate. The Wan Chai grocer also offers same-day delivery for you to get your meal on faster than you can say delivery.


Waves Pacific

Cook like a pro (or at least try to) with Waves Pacific’ Shane Osborn’s Cornerstone Package (HK$500 good for 2 persons). As one of Hong Kong’s premier food distributors, the gourmet supplier is trusted by the most prestigious culinary institutions in the city. In collaboration with Cornerstone, the DIY meal package includes 300 grams Ōra King Salmon fillet and Rangers Valley Wagyu Bavette each, two frozen and butterflied Brisbane Valley jumbo quail, 10 Japanese Taiyouran eggs and 2 cans of Peroni. Here you’ll also find chef Osborn’s signature recipe and handy cooking tips.



What are the weekends for if not to indulge? End your week just right with Buonissimo’s Grocery Box Weekend Sorted with Sea Goodies (HK$1468). Filled with woozits and whatzits (if you know, you know) from the deep blue sea, you’ll have everything you need to make the perfect Mediterranean meal. Highlights include 500g of fresh seabass, 200g of San Daniele sliced hams, 500g of cherry tomatoes and 1500g of fresh Italian clams.