Burger-know-it-all: Honbo - Real. Spicy.
Date Published : 05 Jul 2018

This has got to be the biggest chicken burger we’ve ever seen in Hong Kong. And it isn’t all batter either (less batter is better right?) Honbo’s new chicken burger is a Sichuan-style comeback to their last gochujang-based one (which we also really loved). But believe us, this one’s even better. Honbo’s known for their collabs with local artists and businesses, as so, their new burgers feature Sichuan mala sauce from “The Good Taste” mixed into their creamy burger sauce for a punch. The chicken is colossal. You could easily cover someone’s face with it. The batter is light, perhaps a potato flour base, but once you bite into its crunch, the succulent chicken steals the show. How is it this juicy? We’d love to know. 6 Sun Street, Wan Chai; 2567 8970; facebook.com/honbo.hk

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