New dishes added to the Cô Thành menu!
Date Published : 15 Dec 2017

After winning over the hearts and minds of Hong Kongers with their luscious noodle soup recipes, trendy Vietnamese go-to in Sheung Wan, Cô Thành has introduced 3 brand new dishes on the menu. We had the chance to try these new items- Nem nướng, Bánh ướt, and Cánh gà chiên

The Nem nướng, grilled pork sausage skewers with roasted peanuts, fried shallots, fresh herbs comes with a tamarind nước mắm glaze. Even those of us who don’t usually enjoy the flavor of pork thoroughly savoured this dish- the crispiness of the shallots and peanuts combined with the sweet, but tart tamarind glaze created an unbeatable amalgam of flavours and textures.

The Bánh ướt, steamed rice noodle sheets made with chả lụa and nước chấm dressing, comes with thin sheets of rice noodles, cold cuts and crunchy bean sprouts. Citrusy and light, this dish served cold is a great one for the sunnier days (which we have plenty of!).

Finally, if you love Southeast Asian flavours, and chicken wings, the Cánh gà chiên combines the two to make the best Vietnamese chicken wings we’ve had so far in Hong Kong. The meaty wings are brined, dipped in batter made of potato flower, and double-fried to retain its crispiness, and coated with special sauce.

Created with love by owner Brian Woo and head chef Son Pham, these recipes are made with ingredients flown fresh from Vietnam, and are a must-try for food lovers. 

Najuka Redkar

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