Top Blade Steak Lab: simple pleasures

We eat a lot of steak at WOM Guide, more than is perhaps healthy. We eat a lot of burgers too. But Top Blade Steak still felt like something fresh and new. It's a modern, funky joint where the focus seems to be on keeping things simple, and doing it well.

Top Blade takes its name from the cut of meat at the top of the cow's shoulder, otherwise known as the flat iron steak. The flat iron isn't a cut that chefs often boast about using; it doesn't have the same ring of luxury as tenderloin and, therefore, doesn't command the same kind of price tag. But those who know that good food is about more than fancy labels know that it's a quality cut of meat; tender but lean and very versatile.

Top Blade's founders are planning to invite a new guest chef to introduce their own take on the flat iron steak every six months. Apart from that, the menu is a straightforward selection of burgers, steak sandwiches and steaks, all presented with little pretension but lots of flavour. We think it's well worth the trip to Ho Man Tin.

Restaurant Details
4A Soares Avenue, Ho Man Tin
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