Sakana no Aji: what's in a HK$1300 omakase?

There’s something about omakase. A quality omakase feels a lot like a quality spa day-- spiritual treatment and physical pampering-- that is, for the stomach. We just love our omakase. We took a picture for nearly every single dish in our HK$1300 omakase dinner meal. We don’t recommend you doing that, not spa-like and possibly not the best omakase etiquette at all, but we did it, for you. You have been warned (brace yourself… and your data) this one’s got a lot of sweet, sweet pictures.The first thing we see as we walk in is the chef’s gorgeously shiny and slim sushi knife. And the head chef, Chef Chris greeting us cheerfully from the counter.

The first appetiser course comes in a set of three:  fairy shrimp with fig and sesame dressing, a fresh bowl of salmon roe with uni and an amazing oyster tofu. The oyster tofu has the consistency of a chawamunshi (Japanese steamed egg) but with a ocean-y aftertaste.Served in the original sea urchin shell, the uni dish comes with fatty toro in the middle along with salmon roe on top. This one doesn’t need any extra sauce to be honest, the richness of all three ingredients carries on its own.Next came several other sashimi dishes, some with names we weren't sure of, but that’s the fun of omakase right? Dressed in a variety of different sauces, most of them didn’t require any soy sauce or wasabi.The warm dishes included the pork tempura with ginger served with miso sauce. The tempura is hearty and simple but the pickled ginger in the middle really brings everything together. For something guiltily deep-fried, the flavour isn’t too greasy, the ginger keeps the aftertaste nice and clean.Personally we are not a huge fan of raw tomato. Especially when it’s fully ripe. But the fresh tomato sunomono (pickled dish) with plum wine jelly wasn’t bad at all. The tomato was not fully ripe, and had a sourness to it which was complemented by the sweetness of the plum jelly. Perhaps the gold leaves were a bit overkill. But still, it is pretty.
The sushi course starts off with a few light-flavoured fish and went on to the richer ones towards the end. We started with a golden-eyed red snapper with plum sauce and bunched onions. Clean and light, a good start. Again, the sauce was already smeared on top, we didn't need to dip it. This particular round-shaped sushi with liver sauce really took us away. Rich, creamy, and with the perfect rice ratio, this one is truly unmissable. So if you do choose to go for the omakase course, we wish you’d be lucky to get this one.
From the richer sushi came the "Kinki". It was so buttery to a point it didn’t even taste like fish anymore, it tasted like a decadent, haute dinner all in one tiny melt-in-your-mouth bite…so so so good. Dreamy is what we'd call it. The sushi course concluded with a dish of Kyushu abalone with housemade abalone liver sauce. A dish we've often seen in recent omakase, the liver sauce is first mixed with the rice by the customer and then eaten with the abalone. 

To conclude the end of the omakase meal, an egg dish is served, along with a soup dish and a really juicy slice of musk melon for dessert.Sakana no Aji’s interior’s aren’t our usual preferences. They have beautiful carved doors that lead to the bathroom but their colour scheme of light green and wood is a little sore on the eyes.

But the omakase in Sakana no Aji is excellent. It is an omakase after all, so the dishes you may get might be completely different to ours, but the seafood, their sushi especially, is so very worth the price. 

Angie Kwon

Restaurant Details
2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
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