Artisan de la Truffe: for all the truffle addicts

Artisan de la Truffe is the new contemporary French restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui that specialises in everything wonderful about truffle. The first thing we saw was a wee shop on the side selling all different kinds of truffle gems from truffle jam to quality truffle oil. 

As if cheese didn't already taste amazing enough, cheese infused with little bits of quality truffle? The Planche de L’Artisan came with slices of truffle infused hams and salamis along with truffle cheese. The taste of the hard cheese and bread dipped in the truffle oils had us at Disney Ratatouille-- that one scene when the mouse takes a bite of the cheese and strawberries together as sparks fly-- Yup, exactly that feeling.
After the cheese, we moved on the starters of Salade de Homard, poached Boston lobster salad with black truffle, and Tartare de Boeuf, Australian beef tenderloin tarte with black truffle. The Lobster was perfectly cooked and the truffle shavings sat delicately over the salad if asparagus and tomatoes. As for the Australian beef tenderloin tarte, every cut we made in the tarte felt like a cushion and that's exactly how softly it melted into the mouth. We savored every bite of it. The Steak de Boeuf Wagyu with truffle was buttery in the exact same manner and perfectly juicy pink. Just a second, sorry had to wipe the drool off my face.

Then came our favorite dish of the night, the Tagliatelle with shaved black Truffle. The smell of it reached our noses before it even reached our table. They shaved it fresh atop our tagliatelle and yes, we admit, it was hard to tell them to stop. Seriously, it was hard, like heart-wrenchingly hard. The moment each piece of truffle hit our pasta, we could smell the strong aroma of each sprinkle. The consistency of the creamy sauce was exactly right, not too thick and not too thin. I am not joking when I say this if alone we would have drunk all that sauce straight from the serving bowl.
The Filet de Lieu Jaune, fish with Truffle Beurre Blanc, had a really tangy tomato flavor which made it very different from the rest of the dishes of the night. The balance between the sauce in this dish and the truffle was very unique along with the fish. The best part of the fish would have to be the skin as unlike the soft interior the outside skin was a bit crunchy and added a nice different texture to the whole dish. While this was a nice change in pace during our meal, we definitely prefer truffles with a lighter flavor pairing. 

We loosened our belts to fit the dessert. Cos, of course, it's a truffle-based dessert, how could we miss this? The Crème Brulee was full of soft goodness, but it was the small scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side that's totally unmissable. On first glance, it looked like cookies n cream but it actually was bits of truffle in it, a surprisingly good match for cream-based desserts, the truffle really did a good job elevating the flavors of the vanilla.

A bounty of truffle delicacies and a lovely view of the Victoria Harbourfront (we especially recommend the view during the evening dinner time in which we went) we could say the night was truly beau-truffle. ...Okay sorry, that was a really bad pun, we tried. 


Vanshika Grey

Restaurant Details
Shop OTE303 Level 3 Ocean Terminal Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
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