Jade Garden Star House

Jade Garden's new open kitchen

It’s been around since 1971, so this newly refurbished and revamped restaurant comes with a lot of stories to tell. They’ll tell you about their new floor-to-ceiling glass roasting oven, where diners can watch their roast meats slowly completing an orbit inside. They’ll tell you about how none of their menu items uses MSG. But we’re not here to listen to stories about kitchen appliances or food additives. We’re here to let the food do the talking.

As seems to be inevitable in any restaurant these days, a lot of the items on Jade Garden’s new menu are presented with Instagram in mind. In many restaurants, this is to the detriment of the entire dining experience. But we’re happy to report that the spectacle of Jade Garden’s tableside service only enhances their new menu, which revolves around 18 classic dishes rooted firmly in traditional Cantonese ingredients and techniques.

We kicked-off our meal with flaming drunken prawns. The dish involves live prawns being tossed in flaming wine. You really have to see it for yourself. The process leaves the prawns with a lovely boozy aroma. And yes, you’ll want to take a photo.

We could have eaten several more portions of crispy barbecued suckling piglet (stuffed with glutinous rice and just a little lap cheong), but we wanted to save space for the roast goose, which was some of the most richly flavoured we’ve eaten anywhere.

There are some lovely traditional cooking techniques on show here; check out the deep fried spare ribs wrapped in paper and the double-boiled fish maw in milk. They’re proper old-school dishes served with just a little added refinement.

This would be the ideal place to bring visitors from out of town for a taste of real Cantonese food. Book a table for your next big celebration/family get-together, or just because…

Restaurant Details
4/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
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