Your new favourite breakfast

The first thing that strikes us about Chip In, the fish & chips joint that has just arrived in Wan Chai, is the opening hours; they open from 9am. We know coffee shops that aren’t open by 9 - when you actually want a cup of coffee - but who has fish & chips for breakfast?

Turns out there’s some logic behind the early opening time; Chip In have an eye tempting people who hit the gym before work with a post-workout bacon butty. It makes sense. (For the unfamiliar among our readers, butty is a northern English/Scottish term for a sandwich)

Speaking of butties, they do a chip butty for only HK$20. That is a proper bargain. Sure, a chip sandwich is a double serving of carbs with no real nutritional value, but people don’t buy chip butties for a hit of vitamins. They buy them because they’re deep into a night out in Wan Chai and only have 20 dollars left.

Anyway, we digress. We are pleased to report that the fish and chips are genuinely good. The real-deal.

But wait, there’s more. A sign at the counter boasts of Hong Kong’s only deep fried Oreos.

A history lesson: The deep fried Mars Bar was invented in the Haven Chip Bar in Stonehaven, near Aberdeen (the Scottish Aberdeen, not the one on Southside.) The delicacy became an instant sensation and was replicated in chippies throughout Scotland. Later, in a bid to distract the public from the Babington Plot, Mary, Queen of Scots decreed that deep fried Mars Bar would officially replace haggis as the national food of Scotland. Mars Inc. responded with a statement saying "deep-frying one of our products would go against our commitment to promoting healthy, active lifestyles." Healthy lifestyle? That’s some top-grade BS from Mars Inc.

Realising that Scotland’s national dish may be a little too sweet for Hong Kong tastes, Chip In have replaced the Mars Bar with Oreos. HK$20 gets you a bag of three of these little beauties. The heat and the oil do something fantastic to the texture of the Oreo. Buy some. Now.

Restaurant Details
164 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
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