SLOWOOD: new no-waste shop in Kennedy Town

by: Angie Kwon
04 Feb 2019


A curious zero-waste shop of minimalist design opened in Kennedy Town. Zero-waste SLOWOOD aims to create an all-solution groceries store that celebrates the ‘more conscious way of living’. With motifs of Mother Nature, zero-waste and organic living, SLOWOOD tries to offer all the everyday needs in the most eco-friendly way. That means firstly, there are no bags available in the shop, you’re required to bring your own bag and to scoop all the herbs, beans and other dry edibles you need into that very bag. Other pre-packed edibles available in-store such as their coffee and teas adhere to a recycled, bio-degradable or zero-waste design. That applies to their other lifestyle items such as clothing and kitchen utensils as well.

For those who seek an eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle, SLOWOOD is going to be an exciting new opening for you this year. Their prices aren’t so bad either from our experience!

Angie Kwon