Why we chose plant-based meat patties for our WOM pop-up

by: Vicki Williams
09 Jan 2019

A plant-based diet is not new, in fact, it has been around for centuries. What is new is the increasing number of studies supporting the health and environmental benefits for people and the planet. Coupled with this is the knowledge that the world’s resources are in decline, and that animal farming is a significant contributing factor to global warming. 
Yet, there are many meat lovers out there, and getting them to consider a plant-based diet, despite the studies and benefits, is no easy task. For them, nothing compares, or is as satisfying, to eat. So how to appease meat eaters, while supporting the planet and sustainability? One option is plant-based alternatives, which have the same characteristics of meat: the sizzle, the smell, and that juicy bite.

Turning the spotlight on the issue in January and February, with its theme of Healthy Eats Market, is the Tong Chong Street Market in Quarry Bay. During these two months, the market will showcase new and alternative foods that promote healthy living and sustainability.

Impossible Foods
At the centre of it all is Impossible Foods, the brand behind plant-based meat alternative Impossible Burger. The company has employed a team of top scientists, farmers and chefs to identify methods and ingredients to naturally recreate the sights, sounds, aromas, textures and flavours of meat. Playing an important part in this is heme, a molecule found in abundance in meat that makes it smell, sizzle, bleed and taste meaty. Impossible Foods have been able to create heme by using the heme-containing protein from the roots of soy plants, which it has inserted into genetically engineered yeast.

The result is a plant-based product with all the characteristics of beef. Plus, a product that is 100% delicious, 0% cows, uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also 100% free of hormones, antibiotics and artificial ingredients, making this the perfect choice for people leading, or wanting to lead, a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

WOM Guide @ Tong Chong Street Market

Sustainability and the planet is something we should all care about and we here at WOM Guide are proud to be a part of the sustainable movement.

This is why WOM Guide is teaming up with Impossible Foods and two of Hong Kong’s most talented chefs, May Chow and Saito Chau, to present a pop-up ‘food truck’ at the Tong Chong Street Market. Chow and Chau will present delicious dishes that demonstrate it is absolutely plausible to persuade meat eaters to eat less meat without sacrificing in flavour, while giving plant-based eaters more options.
Visit us and decide for yourself.

Vicki Williams
Andrew Ma