Staying in for Valentine's Day? Impress your loved one with this beautiful homemade gnocchi

by: Nik Addams
13 Feb 2020

Looking to really impress this Valentine's Day? Sure, you could book yourself into one of Hong Kong's many romantic restaurants – or you could make it a really intimate evening by statying in and cooking.

And because no food group quite says 'I love you' like carbs, we asked corporate chef Andrea Viglione and executive chef Davide Borin of beloved Hong Kong pasta house Pici to take us through how to make a very impressive homemade gnocchi. Full recipe below.


1kg large potato (make sure these are roughly the same size so they cook evenly)
1 red beetroot 
250g 00 flour
1 egg yolk
20g salt
1/2 tsp grated nutmeg
1 pinch black pepper

Sauce and garnish

200g cooking cream
100g gorgonzola (or any blue cheese)
100g broccolini
8yo aged balsamic vinegar

Method for gnocchi

Boil the potato and the beetroot in separate pots. To check whether they're cooked, stick a fork into each. If the fork doesn’t meet resistance, they're ready.
Drain the potatoes, and let them cool just enough so you can handle them.
Smash the potatoes with a fork.
Once the mashed potato and beetroot are cool, mix with the rest of the ingredients, and knead.
Roll the dough in tubes of 1/2 inch and cut into small cubes of around 3/4 inch each.
Pass the pieces of dough over a fork (push down and roll) or with the thumb to give it the 'rustic' gnocchi marks. This also helps the sauce adhere.

Method for sauce and plating

Over a low to medium heat, heat the cream gently and mix the gorgonzola through it. Stir until the cheese has melted through.
Boil the gnocchi and the broccolini tips in salted water. Strain once the gnocchi starts to float on the surface of the water.
Pour the gorgonzola cream on the bottom of a plate before arranging the gnocchi and then the broccolini as garnish.
Finish with a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar.

Tip: For a better and firmer texture, prepare the boiled and smashed beetroot one day in advance. Leave it in the refrigerator in a strainer so that excess water will be removed.