UK brewery HAWKES highlights apple wastage with free cider

by: Rachelle Ma
13 Aug 2020

One UK brewery has made a bold decision to throw out 5,000 pints of its very own cider on Thursday, August 13. Before you wonder, there’s actually a good reason for why Hawkes, a Bermondsey brewery is pulling such a stunt. Turns out, this is all in a greater effort to shine a light on the extent of crop wastage in the UK.

A whopping 2.5 million apples go wasted each day in the UK. To make a statement about this, Hawkes is giving Londoners a chance to try the This Is London cider range for a day before they’re thrown out. On the same day, Hawkes is launching its Apple Donors campaign, where they encourage people to drop off bruised apples to be made into cider, rather than leaving them to rot. 

"This year we're making a bold statement, to show the people of the UK how bad apple wastage is in our country." Simon Wright, the founder of Hawkes explained. "The year I started our cidery I spent my whole summer driving around picking up unloved apples, and there were so many more that I just couldn't manage.

With more F&B operations looking at the issue of food wastage, it wouldn’t be surprising to see other initiatives on tackling the matter being rolled out. It could be time to think about how we can give back to our community as well.