談風:vs:再說 AKA tfvsjs.syut

by: Angie Kwon
08 May 2018

談風:vs:再說 first opened on an upper floor of an industrial building in Ngau Tau Kok. Every visit was an adventure; from the ride up in the goods elevator, carrying our BYO from 7-Eleven, to the famous White Rabbit flavoured jelly dessert. Formed by members of the band tfvsjs and located in their rehearsal studio, it was a low-profile joint. Probably because you’re not really allowed to open restaurants in industrial buildings without all the proper permits - which was why the original location was shut down.

But we’re excited to see that 談風:vs:再說 is back, this time in Sai Wan. The original restaurant earned a cult following for imaginative dishes that wouldn’t look out of place in a fine dining restaurant, but with none of the stuffiness or pretentiousness that too frequently accompanies such food.

Our expectations are high. We’ll be reporting back soon on how the new Sai Wan location holds up to scrutiny.