Richard Ekkebus on champagne and oysters

by: Angie Kwon
24 May 2017

Oysters and champagne are bywords for luxury - we chatted to Richard Ekkebus, culinary director of Mandarin Oriental, about his favourite pairings...

Steph: Why do you pair oysters with champagne?

Richard: Oysters and champagne is a classic dish, I love all types of seafood with champagne, but I think oysters are my favourite, because they have such a nice minerality. With the champagne, it just really works well.

S: What is your favourite food to pair with champagne?

R: My favourite food to pair with champagne does not need any cooking, its caviar! Caviar is very festive, so is champagne. Champagne is a traditional drink for celebrations and caviar has the same symbolism. So I think caviar and champagne is the ultimate meal, adding in potatoes and sour cream is a great option too!

Text: Stephanie Leung

Video: Ron Chiu

Illustration: DrawingHoliday