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Where to find chocolate egg desserts this Easter 2017
Date Published : 11 Apr 2017

What's Easter without a few chocolate eggs? And we’re not talking about any old chocolate eggs - they’re seasonal specials from our favourite restaurants, get in there fast, because after Easter 2017, they'll be gone! 

Here are some of the best chocolate egg desserts we found for this year's Easter weekend.

Easter Egg Surprise @Cafe 100
This new 100th floor cafe is dishing out some amazing desserts over the Easter weekend. Cafe 100 will feature the “Easter Egg Surprise”, a fresh crepe topped with strawberries and a colorful chocolate egg. Diners are given a cute cup of hot chocolate sauce, which is poured over the egg. As the chocolate egg melts under the heat of the sauce the ‘surprise’ centre - an array of crunchy pearls, chocolate crumble and explosive candy - is revealed. This playful Easter specialty is worth coming for, and of course the incredible view makes this dessert extra special too.
Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, 100/F, International Commerce Centre, Kowloon Station, 2263 2356;

Uovo Cioccolato @Aqua Restaurant 
Aqua Restaurant is offering a fun and interactive dessert for this Easter. A glossy chocolate egg and a cute little hammer is given to the guest. The guest uses the little hammer to crack the chocolate egg, revealing a delicious rosemary and pineapple parfait filling.
29/F & 30/F, One Peking, Tsim Sha Tsui, 3427 2288;

Easter Egg @22 Ships
22 Ships is already known for their unique use of herbs in their renditions of traditional desserts. 22 Ships is offering the “Easter Egg” from tonight until the end of Easter as part of their seasonal specials. Hot and cold chocolate, salted caramel and fennel seeds sit on a white egg shell. Don’t miss this seasonal special while it briefly appears on 22 Ships’ ever-changing dessert menu!
22 Ship Street, Wan Chai, 2555 0722;

Fish & Meat - Chocolate Layer Cake @Fish & Meat
Can there be any more chocolate in one dessert? This Chocolate Layer Cake is a coffee sponge with intense raspberry coulis and chocolate cream. The whole cake is topped with dozens of Easter chocolate eggs in ranging from large to small. 
32 Wyndham St, Central 2565 6788;

Valrhona Chocolate Delice @Alchemy
You don't eat this one in the dark! This dessert is part of Alchemy’s Brunch menu, an egg-shaped chocolate ball melts when hot silky caramel is poured over it. Inside the chocolate egg lies a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream. The whole dessert is decorated with a scattering of colourful berries. 

LG/F, 16 Arbuthnot Road, Central, 6821 2801;


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