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Seek out confusion in Sheung Wan
Date Published : 28 Jun 2018

WOM Guide has had variations on this same conversation a few times in recent weeks:

Have you been to Confusion in Sheung Wan?
Is that Konfusion with a K?
No, confusion with a C. It’s a vegan place, but I’d totally take non-vegans there.
You mean the place with the red frontage that looks like a sports bar?
No, it’s got a black and white sign.
That’s odd, surely there can’t be two places in Sheung Wan called Confusion/Konfusion…

So, WOM Guide set out to find the truth.

Next stop... Confusion. Everything here is plant based, vegan and as sustainable as you can hope for. The wraps and sandwiches are a little pricey as far as lunch options go, at around the $90 mark. However, the bigger plates such as a delicious chickpea curry are well worth checking out. Fittingly, there seemed to be a little confusion among the staff, but our food found us nevertheless. Confusion has a classy decor with plenty of space and art on the walls. So, having had our fill of classiness, we moved on...

All of two minutes walk away, we found Konfusion. First item on the cocktail menu: ‘Konfusion Paradise.’ Whatever is inside a Konfusion Paradise, it’s served in a gold pineapple, so there was no way we were not going to order one. We’re often a little sceptical of quirky house-speciality cocktails with excessive decorations on top, but this thing was so good (and sustainability enthusiasts will be pleased to note that it comes with a metal straw, so bonus points there). On the other hand, the bar staff spent a long time reading the recipe from a cheat sheet before preparing the drink, which is seldom a good sign. We also tried the smoky negroni. We’ve come across a few different cocktail recipes with this name on our travels. Konfusion’s is essentially a classic negroni with an extra shot of Laphroaig. We’d usually consider it a waste to use our favourite Islay single malt in a cocktail, but Konfusion is too fun a venue for sitting around being snooty about whisky. To the point that it may well become a new regular hangout.

So, now the confusion is sorted out: Confusion is at 103 Jervois Street and Konfusion is at 42-56 Queen’s Road West. Or is it the other way around?

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