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WOM Wanders: the most authentic fish & chips in Hong Kong?
Date Published : 02 Aug 2018

In Hong Kong, even on The Island, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. But that’s easy to lose sight of when you’re in Repulse Bay; where a long line of tourist buses belches out hot diesel fumes and plastic litter lines the beach. It can all be a bit… repulsive. But better options are hardly a massive hike away. The string of small beaches to the south of Repulse Bay benefits from a lack of public transport options, which means they’re orders of magnitude quieter and more relaxing than most other beaches on Hong Kong Island. The furthest and least accessible of these beaches is South Bay. By that we mean it’s inaccessible by Hong Kong Island standards; it’s walkable from the bus stop in under half and hour.

Food-wise, it is worth the walk.

Like most gazetted beaches in Hong Kong, South Bay Beach has a kiosk serving cold drinks. But this one is, perhaps, the very best beach kiosk in town. And we’ve been to a lot of beach kiosks. In fact, calling it a kiosk is a little unfair, as this one is more like a rooftop cafe, upstairs from the lifeguard station.

Now, fish & chips can be a touchy subject, and debates have raged over where to find Hong Kong’s best. The version you’ll find at South Bay’s kiosk is by no means as luxe as the fish & chips at The Pawn, but they do have a proper old-school-fish-dinner-by-the-seaside feel that you’ll not find anywhere else in town. The fish is breaded rather than having a beer batter, which is a big no-no among some purists, but we’d choose a tasty breaded fish fillet over a sloppily battered fillet any day. And this is a tasty fish fillet. Wash it down with one of the cafe/kiosk’s fresh fruit smoothies or a cold beer, and you’re in Hong Kong beach heaven.

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