Where to find the best Korean dishes in Tsim Sha Tsui

by: WOM Guide
27 Jun 2020

In Hong Kong, you’re sure to find a Korean restaurant wherever you go but for the good stuff, Tsim Sha Tsui is unbeatable. Nicknamed Hong Kong’s Koreatown or Little Korea, Kimberly Street in Tsim Sha Tsui is known for the number of great Korean barbeque joints you can frequent. Here's our pick of the best ones in the area:

So you're looking for Korean BBQ: Seorae

You’re craving some pork belly or some galbi, grilled to perfection under your control, wrapped in lettuce and ssamjang before being devoured whole. Koreatown can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to BBQ. Left and right there are Korean BBQ restaurants everywhere. Sometimes these restaurants just don’t have the same sweet taste you remember from your Seoul holiday, and some of them are just overly sweet or bland. For those looking for an authentic experience, we recommend Seorae, a Korean import, that specialises in galmaegi. Lesser known in Hong Kong, but a hugely popular cut in Seoul, Galmaegi is a pork skirt cut. Darker, redder and less greasy than the popular pork belly, it’s usually marinated in a slightly sweet sauce that helps in caramelising the sides when grilled. Seorae is one of the most popular chains serving up galmaegi in Seoul, so it's no surprise that the Hong Kong branch is incredibly popular with Koreans in Hong Kong. You might have to wait to get a table, so get there early! And if you’re a fan of pork belly and galbi, they have those too.

Seorae, Shop A, G/F & 1/F, Passkon Court, NOS. 79-81 Kimberley Road, KL Kings Park,  2723 6692 ; fb.com/seoraehk

You’ve been craving KFC (Korean fried chicken): Chibee

By KFC, we’re talking about Korean Fried Chicken! Also known as “chimaek” in Korean, chimaek is the fabulous tradition of eating fried chicken with an ice cold pint of beer. Traditional or boneless? The traditional one is more popular in Hong Kong but once you go boneless you never go back. Chibee is one of our favourite places for boneless KFC, our favourites being the spicy sweet chilli chicken and the spring onion fried chicken. Delicious fried chicken with a huge jug of soju cocktail (we like the Yakult one), that’s your chimaek night sorted! 

Chibee, 23/F, H8, 8 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2153 1818; fb.com/CHIBEEH

You’re here to party all night: Dalin Pocha

Koreans like to party all night, especially with a lot of soju and anju (bar food). A huge percentage of restaurants in Seoul are open 24/7 to accommodate that. The city never sleeps in Seoul, and 24/7 is now a trend rather than a niche. The ‘pocha’ is a Korean street food stall that has been serving late-night eats for decades in Seoul. Dalin Pocha reimagines the pocha feel in their TST Koreatown location, serving up popular Korean eats till 3 am. Their specialities include dalin dakgalbi (spicy grilled chicken & veg) and tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cake). They also have melon soju served on an actual melon, a style popular in Seoul. 

Dalin Pocha, 79 Kimberley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2351 0880; fb.com/dalinpochahk

For an indulgent Korean meal: Ssal bori ssal

There are days to drown in cheap, and often horrid, Korean beer, and then there are days you wanna spend a quiet evening drinking makgeolli (rice wine) and jeon (savoury pancakes). This ultimate combo is probably the more traditional way of partying Korean-style. Doesn’t get more Korean than that! Ssal bori ssal is a cute spot for that, recently opened this spring, it’s serving up some quality makgeolli (Boksoondoga makgeolli being our favourite) and traditional bar bites. We recommend the kimchi platter and the dry assorted platter, two dishes that pair well with the yoghurt-y flavour of the makgeolli. 

Ssal bori ssal, Shop B, Brilliant Court, 78 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2736 8444​ facebook.com/ssalborissal 

Need a mid-day recharge: Oppa Coffee Bar Restaurant 

What more can you ask for? With its trio operative as a coffee shop, bar and restaurant you could spend the day at Oppa Coffee Bar Restaurant but we recommend visiting for a cup of coffee to recharge. 

Oppa Coffee Bar Restaurant, G/F No. 1 Kimberly Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, +852 2386 2315; https://www.facebook.com/oppacoffeebar/


Address   Shop A, G/F & 1/F, Passkon Court, NOS. 79-81 Kimberley Road, KL Kings Park