Burger Know-it-alls [Nov-Dec]

You know one of those strange limited-time burgers that pop here and there, but you never end up getting it cos you stopped by the burger joint for their classic signature beef burger (and you just can’t bring yourself to change your go-to favourite)?

Well don’t worry, we’ll try them all for you. That’s what this is for. We’ll try all the newest, the strangest, the most disgusting, to the most luxurious of burgers, we’ll trash them or we’ll rave about them--- just for you.

We’ve had our share of burger experiences, we’re nitpicky as well as easy-to-please, we’re total Burger Know-it-alls, and we’re ready to share.

The Gobbler @The Butcher’s Club Burgers

Christmas dinners are the best, but what’s even better is those amazingly delicious next-day sandwiches you can make using the leftovers. The Butcher’s Club replicates this old tradition with a gourmet version- The Gobbler. It all starts with a big slab of fried buttermilk turkey escalope which is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This is placed on maple-glazed crispy bacon, topped with pork and sage stuffing patty, a gentle smear of cranberry aioli, parsnip chips and coleslaw in between two soft halves of a bun. With so many different textures and layers, it was surprising how the bun held up till the very end, maintaining its softness without becoming soggy. To enjoy this incredible burger where every bite feels like Christmas, visit any of The Butchers Club Burgers locations as well as their newly launched food truck from 1 - 31 December 2017. We know Christmas is still a month away, but there's no harm in planning ahead especially when it comes to food, right?
All Butcher's Club Burger Locations including 82, Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong, thebutchers.club/burger-hk 

QQ Burger @Honbo
Strolling down Sun Street, you may have stumbled across this cute little burger joint studded with pink neon lights and decked out in Americana. Honbo focuses on burgers with local ingredients and an American flair. Their new QQ Burger is a collab with Japanese izakaya Okra, a creation of two of their best menus together. What could go wrong? Really, nothing went wrong. This burger’s pretty magical. Between two of Honbo’s amazing potato milk buns is their signature patty with locally-sourced super crunchy lettuce and Okra’s add-on of deep-fried oysters with mentaiko mayonnaise. Every bite of this was an exploration of textures, a total symphony of flavours. We’re talking the crunch of the mentaiko, the spicy kick of the oysters, the smokiness of the patty, all cleaned out with some brilliantly fresh lettuce. Plus, the oyster is amazingly non-greasy. For something completely Kentucky deep-fried (the batter had a Southern kick) the whole burger felt very clean to eat. No greasing under the fingers, no dripping of sauce. The mentaiko mayonnaise stuck through and brought the entire thing together.  Yes we could have eaten the oysters by itself, but the beef underneath the whole thing kept the burger grounded. The patty kept the burger from being too fishy, a sort of umami base that carried the flavours of the oysters. Yes we really liked it. This burger is only available till the end of November, and it’s already selling out pretty fast every day. Run, no really, start running now. Get it ASAP  before they run out of their daily limit of oysters, seriously, it’s a treat.
6-7 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, honbo.hk