Happy Paradise: A clever take on classic Chinese

by: Abegaile Legaspi
26 Jul 2019
Restaurant   Happy Paradise
Address   UG/F, 52-56 Staunton Street, Central

Paradise on a plate! Known for her Chinese culinary creativity, Chef May Chow, voted Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2017 continues to amaze us with the new Happy Paradise’ Summer Wine Pairing Menu. Perfect for the season and a great value for money, experience Chinese cuisine like it’s never been before while sipping on some top-notch wine.

Interesting Combination

Wine Pairing: Chardonnay | Angelina | Grace Vineyard

A happy twist on a traditional snack that everyone loves to munch on. Stepping up its egg waffle game with sour wheat dough, chicken oil and chicken broth, you’ll never have them any other way again. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

WOM Tip: Be generous with the bottarga dipping sauce, it’s just heavenly!

These days, turkeys aren’t the only one getting stuffed. Bringing out the flavour of the cuttlefish paste and black truffle combined by stuffing it into some boneless chicken wings. Just to further enhance the flavour, it’s also grazed with a chicken reduction. Who knew Stuffed Chicken Wings would turn out to be a culinary masterpiece? (May Chow did!)

Playing on the sweet and salty comes the Crispy Kuruma Shrimp topped with Chinese olive vegetables and Shaoxing wine. Since seafood has a natural sweetness, the garnish just adds enough to the dish balancing out the flavours. 


Culinary Innovation

Wine Pairing: De-Puligny-Montrachet | Burgundy | FR | 2014

Take a dive under the sea (without having to!) and go head first on the Ginger and Scallion Cauliflower.  In order to mimic that seafood taste, the cauliflowers were deep-fried in garlic, scallion and bottarga. Plus, the texture does resemble lobster meat. Paired with De- Puligny-Montrachet, it’s a party in your mouth.

WOM Bonus: The Lettuce Stem Salad is so light, refreshing and the best palette cleansers if you need a pause.

The Red Braised Beef Cheek is just oh-so-tender, it cuts like a knife through butter. In the culinary world, beef cheeks are just the toughest to work with. But of course, through trial-and-error, Happy Paradise was able to produce a worthy dish by braising in the secret-recipe Szechuan peppercorn sauce. Coupled with the Arfion red wine, it’s heavenly!

WOM Tip: The white radish garnish is the perfect way to neutralize the meat’s natural fat.

The absolute highlight for us was the signature Poached Yellow Wine Chicken which is a great example of culinary artistry but still respectful of Hakka and Cantonese cuisine. The use of Shaoxing wine and different kinds of mushrooms just elevated the dish beautifully. Plus it just goes so well with the Glutinous rice and wheat wine. And let’s not forget to mention how that chicken was so tender and juicy, you’ll wanna come back for more. 



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Happy Paradise

Cuisine   Chinese Cantonese

"Paradise on a plate with a taste of Heaven."

— Abegaile Legaspi