Eating the rainbow at new health-conscious restaurant Tsukada Nojo

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
20 Jul 2017

We’ve been pretty excited about the new opening of Tsukada Nojo, the new Japanese import serving up some rainbow-esque, health-conscious and delicate Kyushu cuisine. Kyushu is a southwestern part of Japan that includes seven major prefectures including Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Kagoshima. Many of these places are known for their rich food history, an abundance of fresh seafood and a unique variety of vegetables. Kyushu is Japan’s food mecca basically and any new addition in Hong Kong is celebratory in our books. 

Tsukada Nojo just opened at the very end of Harbour City. Harbour City has gotten even longer opening up an area in the very end with some new grub to explore. The first thing we notice when we walk into the restaurant is that it is very well lit, the interior feels very open and refreshing with the full-length windows reaching the high ceiling. There’s an amazing view of the Hong Kong skyline and an al fresco area to enjoy it. Each table had an electric stove in the centre conjoined as part of the table. 

We tried out some of the signature recipes from the menu, starting with the most anticipated DIY sushi set. So yes, the name is a little rigid for something so gorgeous. When we get the set it comes exactly as pictured in the menu, colours vibrant, freshness intact. We took a spoonful of rice and placed it on a seaweed sheet, we added pieces of sashimi, avocado and the Kyushu-special yuzu pepper along with. We had fun with it, trying different combinations: tamago with tobiko and crab, Nanban chicken with sunflower seeds, eggplant with tempura, unagi with avocado and so on. Our most notable side dishes were the avocado with some sort of marinated seaweed that permeated some strong umami into the avocado. Another favourite was the Nanban chicken which we ordered an a la carte basket of them afterwards (it’s so good). We felt the top of the rice bowl seemed to have dried out, perhaps it was scooped into the bowl a little too early. Also, the sashimi pieces felt a tad too small to fill a sushi roll, but for the very economic price of HK$138 for the whole set, the DIY sushi set was top quality. 
Tsukada Nojo’s signature BIJIN NABE, “bijin” meaning a beautiful person, the chicken collagen pot is associated with beautifying skin and detoxing the body.  When the BIJIN NABE collagen pot arrived on our table, it came with a box of vegetables and boiled chicken on a lovely wooden two-tier stand. As the pot boiled and simmered on the electronic stove we began adding the chicken & organic vegetables one by one. The chicken was off-the-bone tender, par-boiled and juicy, while the broth was so rich, nearly viscous on the bowls that they were served in. We were told that the stock had been stewed for over 8 hours until the chicken bones dissolved into an adorable, smooth and silky collagen pudding.  

The whole meal left a clean aftertaste that felt healthy and nourishing. The restaurant itself is designed for those who seek healthy and responsible dining, much of the menu has suitable low-carb and low-fat options. Unless you order two extra baskets of Nanban chicken like we did. That… is probably not so healthy, but we deserve nice things and we won’t apologise. 

Shop OTE 202, Level 2, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2467 0777;