Ayuthaiya introduces new Tuk Tuk menu

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
13 Nov 2017

Ayuthaiya, a chic restaurant in the heart of Central offering Siamese cuisine, has introduced a brand new Tuk Tuk Menu that aims to take you to a journey of Thailand.

Prepared by Chef Pairote Pimswat and his culinary team, this limited edition menu features eight new dishes including salads, seafood and curries. Delicacies include the Po nung Ma Nao, steamed fillet of seabass scented with traditional Thai herbs, Kai Yang, smoky grilled chicken skewers and dressed in Thai red curry sauce, Pla Plao, salt-baked fresh tilapia, Pla Muk Yang, a Kachanburi dish with marinated squid wrapped in banana leaf, and many more.

We had the pleasure of tasting some of these dishes, and our favorites were the wing bean salad, with a multitude of flavors complementing each other perfectly, and the salt-baked fresh tilapia. While we also tried the Pla Muk Yang and Kai Yang, we would have preferred it to be more flavorful and less dry. But, all in all, the Tuk Tuk menu gives you a good overview of the cuisines in different regions of Thailand, while sitting right at your table.

This menu is available till the end of November, and comes with a Tuk Tuk Dining Passport to help mark your journey through the different cuisines of Thailand. Each Tuk Tuk dish gives you a stamp, and with 3 stamps, you will get a complimentary 4th dish by posting a photo to Ayuthaiya’s Facebook page.

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