New summer delights from Ms B's Cakery

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
03 Aug 2017

Ms B’s Cakery will be featuring five delightful cakes this summer inspired by Ms B’s own summer holiday memories. Her fondest adventures are encased in confectionary form using carefully sourced, fresh and guilt-free ingredients. Each cake uses fresh ingredients from the travel destination that it is inspired from. 

The Mango Banana Cream Cake features Ms B’s signature butterfly perched on fresh diced mango. The cake is filled with Ms B’s exclusive mango jam, a secret recipe made with little sugar and high-quality mangoes from the Philippines.  The Guava Delight features fragrant guava jams, jellies and murabba and a crispy white chocolate wafer crust-- guilt free and vitamin-packed.  The Tropical Holiday is inspired by Hawaii, beaches and pina colada. The cake features macapuno coconut jam and fresh pineapple chokes. The whole cake is then covered with coconut shavings and tiki-style garnishes.  Inspired by holidays in South America, The Passion is topped with edible passifloras (the flowers of the passion fruit).  The Madagascar cake is available in three different flavours: chocolate fudge with Nutella buttercream & craquant speculoos, red velvet with caramel buttercream, or marble butter with buttercream. Each cake comes with iconic African animals such as monkeys and giraffes.