WOMyth Bust: Do You Really Need to Try Pink Salt Water?

by: Gigi Tang, Founder, Steady Hands Creative
15 Jun 2020

Do you drink enough water every day? Studies across the world show that the majority of the population suffer from dehydration over their lifetime (I’m definitely one of them). While looking for ways to improve my overall water intake and maintain fluid balance in my body, I’ve learned that true hydration isn’t about how many ounces you drink a day, but how much water your body absorbs. 

What is Sole water? 

Sole water (produced “so-lay”) is a concentrated Himalayan pink saltwater concoction that claims to have a long list of health benefits such as: 

  • Detoxing the body

  • Balancing systemic pH / blood sugar & pressure / hormone levels 

  • Improving sleep 

  • Increase immune function 

  • Supporting thyroid and adrenal function 

  • Strengthening bones & activating muscles 

  • Enhancing concentration & brain activity 

  • Stimulating circulation 

  • Improving digestion 

  • Acting as an antihistamine 

Though some of these claims aren’t scientifically backed up, it is proven that drinking solé water primes your body system for better absorption throughout the day. Himalayan salt is one of the purest salt available on earth. Harvested from ancient sea beds, it contains over 80 types of minerals vital to our bodies. The minerals and stored energy are then freed by adding water, a practice long used since ancient times. 

What it’s like 

I’ve incorporated sole into my morning routine for the last 4 weeks, finding it to be not only effective in increasing my daily water intake but also helping me achieve optimum hydration. 

As an electrolyte beverage, sole water was also great fuel for training and workouts, since the minerals contained prevent dehydration. 

There may be concerns about consuming that much sodium, after all, we’ve been told to always limit our intake of salty foods. Unrefined Himalayan salt contains 1700 mg of sodium per tsp, which is 73% of the daily limit of sodium intake for adults. So it goes without saying that those on a sodium-restricted diet (i.e those with high blood pressure, kidney disease etc.) should avoid sole while those who find themselves already consuming adequate amounts of sodium should be wary of drinking sole without consulting a health professional first. 

How to prepare Sole water 
  1. Fill a glass jar 1/4 of the way with quality, pink Himalayan crystal salt.

  2. Add room temperature purified water to fill the rest of the jar and cover with a non-metal lid, leaving an inch at the top.

  3. Gently stir with a non-metal spoon and leave out at room temperature for 24 hours, allowing for the water to become fully saturated.

  4. Mix 1 tsp of Sole to a 12oz glass of filtered water and consume once or twice a day, every morning on an empty stomach and before exercise.


  • Use non-iodized, coarse/crystal salt instead of processed salt. 

  • Avoid acidic beverages such as coffee & green/black tea at least an hour after drinking sole. 

  • Mix lemon juice in for a better taste!