Le French May & Le French GourMay: art, film and gastronomy

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
16 May 2019

One of the largest art and culture festivals in Asia with more than 150 programmes during its two month duration, comes Le French May, a celebration for all things French. From heritage art to contemporary art, from paintings to modern design, from classical music to hip-hop dance, cinema, circus, wine, gastronomy: Le French May is a haven for Francophiles who wish to immerse wholly into French art and culture.When we think of France, we think of food. Naturally the culinary arts section of this festival developed to become its own branded programme of Le French GourMay. Dedicated to French gastronomy, this year’s event will showcase the Loire Valley and its historic towns, royal residences and serene landscapes. Expect wine-tastings, culinary workshops and special menus procured exclusively for the Le French GourMay festival. 120 restaurants are partaking this year including The Pawn, Arcane, Brasserie on the Eighth, Gough’s on Gough, La Reve as well as newcomers such as the Artisan de la truffe and Old Bailey.

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