It's not Diwali without these five treats

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
07 Nov 2018

Diwali is an Indian festival filled with lights, crackers, festivities, and food....a smackload of it. The festival celebrates the victory of light over darkness. 
You would think its a one day festival, but no my friends it much longer than that, at least for the children who have to help (and get yelled at a lot by) their mothers clean the house to impress all the uncles and aunts about to come over to celebrate/ secretly judge you. But even so, we have our reasons for loving Diwali, and it's mostly to do with these five amazing treats you cannot miss eating every year. 

There are a lot of variations of Ladoos like Boondi Ke Ladoo, Besan Ke Ladoo, and loads more which will make this list go on forever. Its a round ball of sweet galore if I have to sum it up in a phrase. Ladoos are the most typical Indian sweet ever but especially on Diwali day when you keep bouncing your eyes between them and the clock while your parents are praying. It's even tastier when you roll them yourself, mostly because you don't feel as guilty eating them as you convince yourself that you burned enough calories while making them which unfortunately is not true at all.
Kesar Milk Peda
Have you tried butter cookies? Well, if I had to explain Milk Peda to you it's like if those cookies were mini cakes. They are like clay, well, if clay was made out of 300 calories worth of sweet. The texture is super creamy and soft and you’ll also feel super fancy while eating them because its made of Kesar (saffron). It smells and tastes amazing because of the cardamom essence.  Another big thing in Indian sweets is dried fruits, either as garnish top, inside the sweet, or sold separately in super fancy boxes mostly in sets. You’ll know which one is the favorite because by the next day the shelf that the best one was kept in will be empty and the rest get stored into random jam jars and stored for only god knows how long.

Diamond Barfi
Barfi is a classic sweet, somewhat similar to the Milk Peda but it doesn't have the hints of saffron. It much harder and more crumbly in texture. This is one of the OG sweets and everyone's favorite. I have even caught my dad try to sneak a box of them in the middle of the night (do not ask me what I was doing there *wink*). The sweet also has a super fine filigree foil sheet of pure metals, typically silver but sometimes gold called Vark on top of the sweet.  
Dahi Bhalla
This one isn't necessarily a Diwali treat but in my defense, I’m just trying to tell you all the best food. Dahi Bhalla has two central parts to it, the Dahi (yogurt) which is the liquid base of the dish and the Bhalla, a fluffy ball made out of two type of grain. The dish gets its taste with the multiple different sweet and savory powders and chutneys drizzled on top of the Bhalla along with the Dahi. It's the perfect starter for any festive dinner and one of the favorite street foods to eat. To be honest, when you eat this you won't even want or need to eat anything else. Not going to lie I have eaten this for dinner, on multiple occasions.

Namak Paare
Moving on to the savory snacks one of the simplest but super yummy treats is Mathri. A crispy treat made with refined flour, salty with a flavor of ajwain (carom seeds). It's one of those foods that you think you can stick to when you “ want to be better this year and avoid fattening things this Diwali”. As you would have already guessed that does not happen, because each piece is so small you don’t realize how much you have actually eaten until you look down and realize the whole bowl is empty.