One to try: XUAN recreates family dinners with a nine-plate spread

What’s the story: Taking inspiration from Sunday dinners and authentic family-style meals, chef John Nguyen crafted the nine-plate XUAN Family Meal (HK$798). Known for its modern take on Vietnamese cuisine, XUAN presents a feast which evokes feelings home of home, familiarity and warmth.

The vibe: Following this ritual of com gia dinh (read: omakase), the nine chef-chosen dishes are to reflect the depth of Vietnamese home cooking. Wanting to recreate the notion of having a lovely meal prepared by your mother at home, guests are expected to trust chef Nguyen to deliver a wonderful meal every single time.

On the menu: Truth be told, guests will never know what they are going to get - the beauty of com gia dinh. However, diners are treated to a nine-plate spread of comforting classics and signature staples made with seasonal, premium-grade ingredients. Always present is a bowl of some nourishing broth (perfect for the colder season!), house-fermented pickles, and servings of locally-sourced fish, shellfish and protein. Perfect for sharing, the well-balanced meal also comes with a clay pot of steamed fragrant Jasmine rice (because everything’s better with!).

What else: If a feast is really you are after, hearty a-la-carte options await you (and your stomach!). Straight out of chef Nguyen’s menu, load up and get them gains with either the Chargrilled Angus Hanger Steak (HK$398) with rice vermicelli or the herb-loaded Vietnamese-style Grilled Whole Grouper (HK$458) - both equally mouthwatering!

PR Speak: Guests must simply be willing to sit back and engage in long tin, which beautifully translates ‘trust the Chef to feed your heart and soul’.

XUÂN, G/F, 12-24 Lun Fat Street, Wan Chai; +852 2891 1177