Best burger joints in Hong Kong right now

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
31 May 2017

Hong Kong takes their burgers seriously. When burger joints are opening left and right it can get quite confusing. There are some amazing burgers in Hong Kong but these are burgers we in WOM Guide just can't stop raving about. We've chosen the best burgers out of the best burger hotspots we know, plus an added extra: an amazing burger place that just opened this year.

So if you're a die-hard burger enthusiast, keep on reading!

*NEW* Honbo 
WOM recommends: The Honbo
We aren’t all fans of tomato in our burgers. Some burgers just shouldn’t have one, and Honbo is one of them. The newest burger gig in town, it’s also the cutest burger joint we’ve seen so far. Their fancier non-beef burgers seem to be insta-famous right now (we're speaking soft crab and scallops). Their 'Classic Burger' comes with a thick juicy beef patty and the veggie works but we opted for The Honbo instead-- and it’s as simple as it comes. Soft potato milk buns, two thin burger patties slathered with their secret sweet pickle-y sauce and a classic slice of American cheese. It's so very simple but we wouldn't want it any different. 6-7 Sun Street, Wan Chai, 2567 8970;

Beef & Liberty
WOM recommends: Black Pepper
Michelin-recommended Beef & Liberty is the place to go if you are looking for a burger to blow your mind. Don’t get the original in this one, go for the Black Pepper if you want something really (really, really) special. Over their grass-fed hormone-free burger dotted with fresh black pepper and cooked to pink perfection, lies a bed of caramelised onions, rocket and raclette cheese. But it's really the combination of the bitter rocket that balances out the sweetness of the caramelised onions, and the pepper that complements the juiciness of the patty. Don’t ever miss out on this burger-- it is to die for.  23 Wing Fung St, Wan Chai, 2811 3009;

Butcher’s Club Burger
WOM recommends: The Burger
The beef patty is an art and science for Michelin-recommended Butcher’s Club Burgers. From Australian Angus beef, they take out the primary cuts for their steaks and take the rest of the secondary cuts to use on their burgers. These parts are then dry-aged, grounded, mixed with their secret seasonings, shaped into patties and then cooked to perfection. They have a variety of burgers but their patties are the superstars, so if you’re a first-timer just go for their original The Burger. The Burger comes with their signature patty, a thick piece of maple bacon, tomato, cheese and their house sauce. Don’t forget to pick up a side of their duck fries along with your order. 82 Stanley Street, Central, 2347 0777;

Burger Joys
WOM recommends: Single cheeseburger
A frequent Wanchai-goer will tell you that Burger Joy is one of the best burgers out there. Their patties are basted in a secret umami-bomb butter that keeps the patties juicy and flavourful. Their tangy house burger sauce goes perfectly with the crunchy vegetables. While we tried their signature double cheeseburger, it seemed a little too salty for our taste. So actually we recommend their Single cheeseburger. What really differentiate Burger Joy is their unique bread. Their burger bun is so soft that it crumbles. Yes, it crumbles, like a cake, or perhaps more like a half-pancake-half-brioche. The bread itself is sweet and incredibly soft, a little squeeze will have your bread slightly crumbling through your fingers. De Fenwick, 42-50 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, 2787 1288;

Big Fernand
WOM recommends: Le Big Fernand
You want a fancy burger, but not the whole hassle of going to a fancy restaurant? Big Fernand’s got you covered. The French have great respect for quality food and the burgers are no exception. This French burger brand has two branches in Hong Kong serving up juicy burgers with an indulgent French touch. While we feel that the burger patties have gotten smaller, and the quality has gone down since its opening, we still recommend Big Fernand for their unique choices of ingredients. Sun-dried tomatoes and Tomme de Savoie cheese sit on a juicy beef burger (that you can get as pink as you like), with a pinch of parsley and their signature cocktail sauce, Le Big Fernand is a burger found nowhere else in Hong Kong. Our burger challenger George is a great fan of the Big Fernand and swears on the authenticity of the French cheese on these burgers. Shop 2017, 2/F, ifc Mall,, 8 Finance St, Central, 6650 0580;

Quarter Master
WOM recommends: Classic Burger
Hidden away on Second Street (Right under our favourite High Street), a butcher’s (Bones and Blades) and steakhouse (Quarter Master) stand side by side with their matching logos. There’s a rather macho atmosphere (their awesome names for example) and they serve no-nonsense and wholesome burgers using meat sourced from their own butcher’s next door. Social responsibility, transparency and meat quality is key in Quarter Master, but let’s get on to the burger in question. Their classic burger comes with an extra juicy beef patty (you’ll see it’s slightly pink from the outside), a slice of tomato, cheese and bacon. The bread was an authentic and classic brioche, but perhaps a little too big, too much bread for our taste, so we took a bit of the top bun off. They really respect the meat here, so if the beef patty is your focus, this is the place to go. 1 Second St, Sai Ying Pun, 2517 4266;

Burger Circus
WOM recommends: Double Cheeseburger

While roaming through Soho you might have stumbled across a dainty little restaurant with a wooden interior, red bar stools and a curved ceiling reminiscent to those old-school railcar diners scattered across outer New York state. Burger Circus tries to recreate this seemingly very-American experience, but don’t expect the burgers to be greasy or of cheap quality. We opted for the double cheeseburger that came with two burger patties with melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato and their ‘circus’ sauce. The burger patties are alright, but it’s the balance of cheese and their circus sauce that makes this burger worth it. 22 Hollywood Rd, Central, 2878 7787;