New restaurants to look out for this September

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
28 Aug 2018

We've got quite a line-up! Here are some of the exciting new restaurant openings to look out for this September.

This is one of the most exciting openings this month, BEDU is a stylish new Middle-Eastern restaurant and bar from the same people who brought you Uma Nota. From North African to Middle Eastern dishes, for spice-lovers this one’s definitely a must-try. So far the dishes we know about are their chargrilled broccoli and their rack of lamb with garlic labneh, za’atar oil and pomegranate. They specialise in charcoal grilled dishes so we have some high expectations even for something as simple as ‘chargrilled broccoli”. Chaiwala 
Chaiwala is a ‘hidden’ restaurant accessed through the newly opened British cocktail-salon inspired bar Hugger Mugger (LINK). Focusing on indian cuisine, the restaurant is divided into three different spaces: the “Chai Bar” featuring a vintage Indian chai stand and a long marble topped table, “Kitchen” featuring a traditional tandoor oven and an open kitchen, and “Dining Room” a fancier part with floating drapes and pendant lamps. Their signature dishes include their pani puri with jal -jeera stuffed with potato and chickpea or chicken tikka, their kerala fish curry with coconut sauce and their charred lobster nerulli served with sauteed vegetables. Similar to PIRATA’s other ventures, they’ve got the Dabbawala Menu option that lets the chef serve you a feast of his choice.
PIQNIQ is an upcoming al-fresco bar and restaurant opening in the end of summer. It’s expected to be the next it-spot for good views and good vibes: dining under a white sail tent, a   clear shiny view of the Victoria Harbour and a Yayoi Kusama pumpkin (if you’re into that). There’s not yet a lot of information available but we’ve heard that the menu will be continental featuring Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean dishes. Also true to their name their dishes will come served in picnic baskets to be enjoyed at their dining terrace. How cute! We’ll be updating you with a review soon as they open.

Yes, that’s not a typo. It’s spelt that way. hEat is a new steak spot we’re looking out for. And news on the grapevine is that they will be featuring premium in-house dry aged steaks (along with some seafood favourites). As you know, we in WOM Guide love our steaks. So hEat, we’ll be keeping an eye on you! The interior will be ‘industrial-chic’ with wood marble and copper. But that’s all we know for now. Bear’s Lab
An adorable name for an adorable little cafe. If you’re on a bit of a health-and-diet streak this summer, Bear Lab just opened in Central offering colourful smoothie bowls (so instagrammers there’s your new go-to!), superfood smoothies and vegan lattes. We’re pretty excited about the vegan lattes (what kind of milk will they be using? Almond? Oat?). So far they’ve got three types of smoothie bowls, four types of smoothie drinks and six types of smoothie lattes. The most instagram worthy one? We think it’s the Activated Charcoal Latte, black as ink and totally vegan. Dragonfly
Oh yes, another Ashley Sutton, Dragonfly is a ‘bohemian’ style cocktail lounge to open in Tai Kwun. Knowing Ashley Sutton’s rococo-meets-steam-punk style, it’s pretty much a given that his next project will be hidden in the labyrinth of Tai Kwun. Dragonfly will feature 19th-century interiors with Art Nouveau feels. What does that actually mean? It’s too early to guess and it’s all very secret at the moment. From what we hear we predict it’s going to be a bit like Disney’s Cinderella meets circus-y bohemian colour palettes meets Tiffany’s with dragonfly patterns similar to the hearts in Ashley Sutton’s last venture Dear Lilly. We don’t know exactly what will be served, but we’re told the cocktail menu will use repurposed items such as the Tetsubin, a Japanese-style cast iron teapot. We’d love to try that.

CHIP IN Fish & Chips
A new chippy just opened up in Wan Chai. It’s got those blue, white and wooden interiors reminiscent to the ones in the Brighton piers. Their signature features the Atlantic cod with chips and the calamari with chips. But it’s their battered sausages and their proper thick chips that really caught our eye. They’ve also got this promotion right now of giving out free gweilo beers with their fish and chipsets, so gettttt. Nooodies
Was the extra O to avoid calling it noods? Well, they’ve definitely got our attention. Nooodies is a new noodle spot, opened in Telford Plaza, for those who love noodles but can’t decide whether they want Singaporean, Thai or Hong Kong nooodies. They’ve got quite a range. From Singaporean laksa, and collagen-rich braised oxtail to Si-chuan dan dan and tom yum with seafood. The best thing about this place is that they’ve got a daily-changing tasting combo. So if you’re like us, and you want your finger in every pie, and you can’t ever make up your mind in which cuisine you want for lunch, this is probably a smart bet.