Wine vs Food

Wine vs Food is online show that challenges wine merchants around the world to try their hand in pairing their wines with unique, local cuisines in Asia. Think a delicious pair of chicken feet and a splash of Chardonnay, whereupon the loser much accept a fear-factor like punishment!

In our first episode we made the loser of the challenge eat a whole fried pigeon head. In our second episode we made the loser eat the hottest stuffed pepper in Hong Kong. This time, we make the loser of Wine vs Food 3 drink a whole bottle (510ml) of Sriracha hot sauce. Unlike previous episodes, Greg (host) personally takes up the challenge against Joseph of Cuvees.com.

This Challenge: Successfully pair their wines with the famous Lok Lum Vietnamese Shrimp OR risk a bad case of Sriracha diarrhea!