Yakiniku Great is offering a special menu dedicated to their limited edition A5 class Sendai beef. “Sendai Beef” that hails from Miyagi prefecture is an ultra-high quality brand of beef certified by the strictest level of standards in Japan.

The menu will include the Chateaubriand, or as we would like to call it… the ‘dream cut’. With only 6000 cows available every year, and only 5-6 kg per cow, this cut is as rare as it gets. Tender, melt-in-your-mouth, and with exquisite marbling, this is definitely one to add into your ‘nom’ bucket list. The menu will only last for three days from 20th – 22nd of March, so make sure you don’t miss it!

The exquisite yakiniku experience will offer a 5-course menu that includes sendai beef sashimi, Sendai beef tail soup, and ever-so-slightly-grilled cuts that include the Misuji, Daisankaku and the Shakushi. Of course the main course will be on the Chateaubriand, in which two thick pieces of Chateaubriand will be grilled precisely and then placed on a bed of rice (also from Miyagi). One piece will be served with uni, while the other will be served with a lime sauce. The light fluffiness of Miyagi rice suits the intense flavour of the Chateaubriand.

While you can grill it yourself, you can also ask the staff to help you. The whole experience in Yakiniku Great is heightened by the detailed explanations and service offered by the staff. 

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