WOM Shop: Refreshing sips to keep you cool this summer

by: Rachelle Ma
18 Jul 2020

It’s summer! While Hong Kong’s not short of places to beat the heat with an iced cold drink, sometimes our plans demand that we take our drinks on the go. These refreshing drinks are bottled up and ready to be packed for the beach or barbeque. 


Komboucha hasn’t quite reached the frenzy craze it saw in L.A or NY, but for those of us who love our fermented teas, Taboocha is always the brand we’re reaching for. Proudly brewed in Hong Kong, Tachoocha’s brews are made with organic Chinese tea and organic raw sugar (much better for you than processed sugars!) The unique flavours are then created by adding in cold press juices, fresh spices and herbs. That’s how Taboocha comes out with amazing, summer-ready flavours like Shiso Watermelon Green Tea and Lychee Rose Black Tea.


hEROES Beer 

hEROES Beer stands out from the scene of craft beers in Hong Kong as they enlist a different local beer lover to help create each flavour they come out with. Partnering with the ‘heroes’ to create a beer with its own flavour, label and story, we can’t imagine a bigger flex than having a beer made after you! For a perfect beach hop, try Heroes’ Hangry Donut Hopiscus Wheat, an American wheat beer made with roselle, American ale yeast, ekuanot, mosaic and loral.



For cider lovers, Neonotic is Hong Kong’s first and only local cidery. The refreshing and flavoring-packing ciders were named the portmanteau of ‘hypnotic’ and ‘neon’, for their bright taste. Try out the Apple Auntie Cider, a tangy cider with a taste of sweetness that mimics the feeling of a first bite into a crunchy apple on a mind-sweltering hot day. 


Gwei Lo 

We can’t talk about local craft beer, without mentioning Gweilo beer, a brand so well known you’ll now find their range in supermarkets. The brand’s expanded to produce their own gin but beer is what they’re best known for. The Gweilo’s Pale Ale makes for a great drink to unwind with on summer nights. A light, citrusy pale ale, it uses cascade to create a tropical, fruity aroma which sounds like summer to us! 


Young Master 

You’ve probably seen their ding ding, or tramway designs everywhere in town. Young Master Brewery may sound like another local craft beer brand but it’s bold flavours means that everyone’s drinking Young Master ales this summer. Young Master also has seasonal flavours and the summer one Mo Mo Wit, inspired by Belgian witbier tradition has a hint of summer spice and is brewed with wheat and scented with aged chen pei and a 5-spice blend. 


Dragon Water 

Hard seltzers are the drink for summer. The fruity blend of alcohol, sparkling water and flavors like cucumber watermelon and lemongrass, what’s not to love? Even the sound of it is refreshing and thirst-quenching. Dragon Water is HK’s own take on hard seltzer, with locally-inspired flavored. For a poolside staple, try out the Cucumber Watermelon.