7 luxurious rice dumpling sets for Dragon Boat Festival 2019

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
21 May 2019

Enjoying zongzi or rice dumplings is one of Hong Kong’s proudest traditions to date. A cheerful day of competitive dragonboat racing, endless drumming and all kinds of zongzi, the Dragonboat festival is to commence on the 7th of June this year.

The legend goes like this: a well-loved Chinese minister during the Han Dynasty once drowned himself in the river after being accused of treason. His followers threw rice dumplings into the river so that the fish would eat the dumplings instead of his body.With the festival falling a little later this year, we’ve got an extra week to get our rice dumpling fixes in order. Here are 5 luxurious rice dumpling sets this year that you definitely won’t be throwing into the river:

Yan Toh Heen at Intercontinental Hong Kong
This one’s an eat-in, and our season favourite. The signature Whole Abalone Glutinous Rice dumpling is a traditional Cantonese recipe from award-winning head Chef Lau, made with decadent ingredients such as lotus seeds, black mushrooms, salty egg yolk, pork and top quality abalone. They also have a sweet version with organic apples and nutrient-rich black glutinous rice.
Man Hing at the Greater China Club
The most decadent one we’ve seen yet. The Superior Glutinous Rice Dumpling at Man Hing features ingredients such as dried yoshihama abalone, Japanese conpoy, Kurabota pork, roasted goose and salty egg yolk. It’s available for pre-order and seems to be limited in supply.

Moon Lok Restaurant at Xiqu centre
Just opened this year, this Chinese restaurant at the Xiqu centre will also have their own Chiu-Chow style sticky rice dumpling featuring gingko and taro, traditional ingredients that are rarely found in Hong Kong these days.

Spring Moon at The Peninsula

If you’re looking to gift, then the box sets at Spring Moon are perfect for that. The Premium glutinous rice dumplings are not traditionally prepared, instead they simmer the dumplings in a ‘secret’ broth and preseason the glutinous rice with house abalone sauce. 30-head abalone from the Middle East as well as pieces of diced fresh abalone can be found along with a selection of other luxurious ingredients. With the Peninsula name, it’s a given that it’ll sell out, so we’d recommend to pre-order.

Cafe 100 at The Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton is celebrating the upcoming festival with a really deluxe dumpling made with premium ingredients of abalone, conpoy and pork. In limited supply, this one's one of the more expensive ones out of the list. 

Tsui Hang Village
If you’re looking for vegetarian options, Tsui Hang Village is offering two: the Dried morel mushroom and multigrain rice dumpling that incorporates quinoa, chestnut, chickpea, cordyceps flower and seaweed; as well as the Golden cumquat rice dumpling with homemade cumquat puree and house cumquat honey sauce. Otherwise they are other offering two more traditional options: the jam-packed Eight-treasure conpoy rice dumpling with Japanese conpoy, Chinese mushroom, Chinese ham, dried shrimps, roast duck, marinated pork belly, lotus seeds and salt egg yolk, and the other includes the decadent Chinese Ham and Parma Ham red rice dumpling.
The Royal Garden
The Royal Garden has quite a big selection of dumplings from the Glutinous rice dumpling with salted meat, Imperial lotus seed paste rice dumpling, Supreme black truffle and Parma ham rice dumpling, Kagoshima pork and dried sakura shrimp rice dumpling and their unique Okinawa black sugar, sweet potato puree and black glutinous rice dumpling. Along with two new dumplings such as the Braised pork with preserved vegetable rice dumpling and Red quinoa with chestnut rice dumpling and a selection of six different glutinous rice dumplings.

Moon Lok Chinese Restaurant

Address   Unit No 2-4 1/F Xiqu Centre