Where to have your birthday party if bars aren't your thing

If you aren't a huge fan of celebrating your birthday between hot and sweaty people dancing, or if you're simply not old enough to reserve a bar table, there are quite a few fun spaces in Hong Kong that's worth checking out. 
 It’s an up and coming lounge with great and healthy food items available. It does look pretty PG but hey they do serve cocktails, and who doesn't like to play some cute rounds of mini putt? Food aside, the best part is that you can play mini golf there and we are not talking the one hole straight golf course one which you can buy in a toy store, We're talking about an 18 holes room size area with loop-the-loops, bridges, and ball jumps. Along with the fun of the game, the ambiance of the place is light-hearted skewered with neon light and cool art. I mean if you are genuinely looking to be a little extra this year, this is the place to do it. Strokes HK, G2-3, 1/F, Fashion Walk, 9 Kingston St, Causeway Bay, HK; 2877 1800; www.strokeshk.com

Red Mr.
Or maybe you prefer to sing your heart out on your birthday. Red Mr. along with many other karaoke places is a great place to celebrate your birthday. Book a room, gather all your friends and spend the night thinking you're a pop star along with your crazy friends. Red Mr. has multiple locations in central areas in Hong Kong so you can get a meal and then go to the place, or have it while Karaoke because Red Mr. has a full menu filled with great food (not just popcorn or other snacks). They have multiple rooms with different sizes according to your friend group. 2/F, 5 Du Lao Zhi Road, Wan Chai; 3125 3333; redr.com

Craft 852
If you are like us and love food, then why not celebrate your birthday making some with your friends? Craft 852 has an amazing pasta-making class that also doubles as a private party where you and your besties can come together and eat dishes (even the most unhealthy ones) with the satisfaction of them being made yourself. Pasta from scratch yes, straight from dough to the boil.
They have loads of different packages with different cuisines to choose from. A cooking party in your own kitchen with an experienced chef sounds like a really creative birthday idea, one which none of your other friends can top. www.crafted852.com/
Ball Room
Like games? The Ball Room is a newer complex with multiple rooms and areas with an interesting collection of very outdoorsy indoor games. A "football" version of american pool table the size of a swimming pool (along with a normal pool table), a Nintendo Wii and some other strange games that require handsy movements. The rooms have much more than the games to offer as they are set to be very laid back, so you can either play the games or just relax and talk to your friends. It has a modern American style lounge interior design with big couches, wooden rustic look, soft lighting aka best for taking pictures, and you will get seriously cool boomerangs with all the cool sports games you’ll be surrounded around. Flat C1, 12/F, Wing Hing Industrial Building, 14 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong; 5405 4579; www.theballroom.com.hk

Sketch Studios
Sketch Studio is a really cool dark light art studio where you can either take classes with a teacher or host your own party. They provide an unlimited amount of supplies to show your creativity on the walls (or your friends). This one's super kid-friendly, but to be honest, art-lovin' is pretty timeless. For private events, you can have two venues, the dark lightroom and the rooftop. The walls are really funky and cool with crazy cool murals made with neon colors. Although, you don't wanna wear your best clothes for this party because for this party the canvas is going to be your clothes and body. 4th Floor, Wai Lan House, 12 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong; 51175092; www.sketch-studios.com.hk/

This is one of the weirder ones. It's got five different venues with each having a different interior and a different set of activities including an adult ball pit, rain biking (don’t even ask, you’ll love it), and ping pong with your face (yes you read right, but not what you think). They also have a menu These rooms are filled with things that your guests will never get bored off, and even if they do, they can still take a snap for Instagram and as we all know, no one takes just one picture especially in a place like HKBestBox. Yingda Commercial Building, 181 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong; 9186 8523; hkbestbox.com