Kitchen gadgets under $100 that every home cook will love

by: Rachelle Ma
31 Jul 2020

Looking for ways to spice it up in the...kitchen? If you’re getting ready to sharpen your knives for round two of quarantine cooking, you may want to check these gadgets out. Easy to use, and making life in the kitchen miles easier, the best part of these kitchen gadgets are that they’re all under $100 too - making them affordable and irresistible to purchase. Check out our round-up of best kitchen gadgets under $100.

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Lemon Press Squeezers (HK$89)

When life gives you lemons, take a shortcut and squeeze them with ease with a lemon squeezer. Whether you are baking lemon tarts or making a freshly squeezed cup of lemonade, this tool is practically essential for every household.

Find one here.

Oil Sprayer Bottle (HK$65)

It might sound gratuitous at first, but oil sprayers are a nice addition to the kitchen and a more sustainable alternative to aerosol oil sprays. You can fill the sprayer bottle with your favourite cooking oil, and the spray nozzle helps give you an even mist when preparing food.

Find it here

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner (HK$45) 

For those who abhor cleaning, a deep cleaning may be the last thing on your mind but it is worth noting that microwaves do need to be cleaned weekly. Besides, this handy plastic gadget makes it a laughably easy chore. Simply wipe down the microwave for any big crumbs, then place Angry Mama into the microwave with water, vinegar and a bit of lemon juice (which you can squeeze with the lemon squeezer now!). 

P.S You’ll know it’s working when you see her fume up!

Find it here

Copper Sponges (HK$90)

In case you didn't know, normal cleaning sponges have to be swapped out frequently when they get used on the daily. An eco-alternative is using copper pot scrubbers that are machine washable and not abrasive. You can find them at Livezero or in other zero-waste sustainable stores. Plastic-free cleaning sponges are also available for under $100. 

Find them here

Egg Yolk Separator (HK$19)

One of the greatest kitchen debates: How exactly do you separate the egg yolk from the egg white? True, you can probably read up about it and practice cracking an egg (ever so delicately!) but you can also conveniently get an egg yolk separator and leave it to the experts. If you prefer your eggs intact, you can also purchase a mould that helps create perfectly round sunny side ups. 

Find the egg separator here and egg mould here.

Garlic Press (HK$49)

Life in the kitchen doesn’t get any simpler than a garlic press that does all the sticky work for you. With this handy-dandy tool, kitchen prep just got cut in half!

Find one here.