5 Food Podcasts You Should Follow

by: Rachelle Ma
24 Jun 2020

If you’re anything like us, your life is probably consumed with food. From the most ultimate cooking recipes to new restaurants, you wear the foodie badge on your sleeve and will gladly let your phone camera eat before you do. And while health experts will not recommend gorging every meal, there’s nothing that says it can’t be on our minds. There’s endless ways to extend your curiosity about food whether you’re a gourmand and a history buff or you want to learn more about your favourite chefs, the internet is scattered with podcasts that will feed your ears for a change.

Feel like watching instead? Here are the best food shows on Netflix to binge right now

The Splendid Table 

A former restaurant cook sings easily digestible food knowledge into your ears every weekend. Host of The Splendid Table, Francis Lam looks at the intersection of food and life on the podcast through the lens of different cultures and brings you the unique food stories of everyone around the world. Recent episodes feature the founding host of the podcast herself, Lynne Rossetto Kasper and Christina Tsoi from Milk Bar.

Listen at https://www.splendidtable.org/

The Sporkful 

Delve into in-depth episodes on topics that will have you binge listening for days. A podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously,  James Beard awardee The Sporkful approaches the broad subject of food from all kinds of angles, science, history, identity and economics. You’ll find everything from enlightening episodes on seltzer to chronic digestive disease. 

Listen at http://www.sporkful.com/.

The Dave Chang Show

David Chang of Momofoku and Netflix fame (as if you needed the introduction) has multiple chops, and podcasting is just one of them. You’ve seen, read and heard David’s thoughts on food but what about sports, music and arts? In the David Chang Show, he opens up about these topics with a rotating cast of guests. 

Listen here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dave-chang-show/id1375877915

Hot Ones: The Classic Interviews 

If you’re online there’s a chance you’ve come across a Hot Ones video on YouTube. Hosted by the affable Sean Evans, the series might use a very hot hot-sauce challenge as its selling point but we all know it’s the magnificent conversations Sean has with his guests that keep people from tuning in each week. Turns out, Hot Ones isn’t just a YouTube series but a podcast as well. Unearth some extended cuts from interviews with celebrities and get even more of your Hot Ones fix. 

Listen at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hot-ones-the-classic-interviews/id1407056689

Spilled Milk 

Turn away if you can’t stand the sounds of lips smacking and chewing, but on the podcast Spilled Milk it’s part of the running joke for comedia duo Molly Wizenberg and Amster Burton. Tune in to their intensive debates on one food topic each week, they’ve covered scrambled eggs, Mountain dew and even...cough drops?

Listen at https://www.spilledmilkpodcast.com/.

Home Cooking 

You’ve binged Salt Fat Acid Heat, now you need more of Samin Nosrat’s content. Home Cooking is the host’s answer to quarantine. Easy to listen to with just four episodes, you’ll find advice on how to whip up a meal using canned good, how to knead bread (if anyone’s still on that trend) and everyone’s quarantine savior: beans.

Listen here https://homecooking.show/