Homely and summery: new vegetarian menu at 12000 Francs
Date Published : 17 Aug 2017

12000 Francs just started a seven-course seasonal vegetarian sharing menu for two. Rich AND guilt-free, the menu is perfectly suited for couples who are looking for healthy, freshly in-house made, affordable and responsible eating.

The vegetarian menu is priced at HK$700 for two people and includes:

House fired malted sourdough + cultured butter - two slices
Sun-dried tomato + curry leaf + chilli + fried garlic
Almond sauce +
shio koji + baby carrots
Fried pizzetta:
Sweet corn puree + stracciatella + fava beans
 Maitake mushroom + sourdough croutons + mushroom puree + pecorino
Farro +
cauli ower + poached organic egg + pickled mushroom + kale
Mixed berries + buckwheat cake + six-herb sorbet 
+ whipped yogurt + maple syrup  
Warm chocolate hazelnut mousse + bread pudding + milk sorbet

The sourdough was one of the best we've had in Hong Kong: perfectly crisp on the outside and incredibly moist inside. The bread came with a cultured butter so savoury that if one was to eat it blindfolded one could fool themselves into thinking they were eating a light cheese. 
The burrata was an umami bombshell. It came with sun-dried tomatoes, crunchy fried garlic and a touch of chilli, a Sicilian nod to the classic that usually features fresh tomatoes. ​The highlight of the menu would have to be the roasted heirloom carrots. These baby carrots, soft and colourful, they are tossed in a deliciously creamy almond sauce with a unique tart-meets-umami touch from the shio koji. Some of the carrots were roasted soft, while some were tart & crunchy, the balance of different flavours and textures can quickly change your initial thoughts from "but this is just a plate of carrots" to "I'll have three more plates please".  The montanara came with fried pizzettas with sweet corn puree, stracciatella cheese and fava beans. These were amazing, the bread was just out of the world. There was a mochi-ness to the inside of the bread that makes me suspect it to have been made from a mix of rice glutinous flour and normal flour. The pizzetta was pan fried but with no greasy aftertaste. The grilled asparagas came with maitake mushrooms, mushroom puree, a touch of pecorino cheese and two very hard sourdough croutons. I found the croutons to be a little bit hard for my teeth, and while it did contrast well with the softness of the asparagus, it was rather big and disruptively hard to bite comfortably. 
The vegetarian risotto main used a big type of barley rice that brings an interesting variety of texture to the risotto. It was a lot less al-dente than risotto in general, which I am unsure if it was on purpose or not. The perfectly cooked poached egg was absolutely insta-gorgeous to crack. Yes, the term insta-gorgeous is horrible, but it is the best way to describe how pretty it was to see the golden liquid marathoning across the dish. While the risotto itself was not as al-dente as I expected, the umami of the cauliflower made this entire dish a winner. 
The dessert was a buckwheat cake with mixed berries and a six-herb sorbet. Coriander? Parsley? Rosemary? We're not entirely sure which herbs there were, but the flavours of each component of the dish complemented each other well. Our intern says: "I was shook. Herb sorbet? Loved it"​Overall the service was warm, exceptional and accommodating, a nice place for a romantic dinner for any kind of eater. 


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