Tippling Club X Fang Fang tap into your Dreams & Desires
Date Published : 01 Aug 2018

Singapore’s Tippling Club is bringing their "Dreams & Desires" cocktail menu to Hong Kong for the first time on 29 August at Fang Fang. Each cocktail will be accompanied by a gummy bear representing a different set of Dreams and Desire..’Happiness’ is a joyful blend of tequila, yuzu, honey and orange flower water, matched with a lemon and honey gummy bear; ‘Lust’ is a seductive fusion of champagne, peach, cocoa and tonka bean, matched with a Coco Chanel perfume-flavoured gummy bear; ‘Indulgence’ features strawberry, bourbon and Peychaud’s bitters, with a chocolate and strawberry gummy bear; and ‘Super Car’ is a full throttle blend of gin, truffle, chardonnay and lemon juice, matched with a gummy bear flavoured with petrol, leather and metal! The coctails are to be paired to beats from DJ collective Lucid Loft to generate a truly immersive sensory soiree.

Each cocktail is priced at HK$150, get them all as a set of four cocktails for HK$500. For reservation and booking:(852) 2983 9083 or info@fangfang.com.hk.

Alternatively, you can WIN THE FULL SET OF 4 COCKTAILS by entering our Facebook contest!

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