This great-value lunch set features hot pot
Date Published : 10 May 2018

If you're looking for a way to spice up your lunch rotation, consider swinging by The Drunken Pot - its Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay locations are offering hot pot, rice or noodles, plus three toppings along with a complimentary drink. The best part? It's all for only HK$58. 

From noon till 3pm on weekdays, diners get to choose among 12 mini hot pot broths, including pork bone, black truffle with mushrooms, Teochew-style satay, tomato, pork shank with onion and carrot, omeletter tomato, Taiwanese-style stewed chicken, as well as a veggie option, assorted vegetables. A fusion of Taiwanese-style stewed chicken broth with Japanese okonomiyaki is also an option, as well as - for an additional nine bucks - a melted cheese and black truffle with mushrooms broth. 

Rice or noodle options include bean or rice vermicelli, instant noodles, or rice, plus special options for additional prices: Demae itcho, Kamatamare Sanuki udon, 'Richmama' fish noodles, or salted egg yolk-flavoured handmade fish noodles. 

As for toppings, pick among items including: stewed beef brisket and tendon, deep-fried fish crackling, enoki mushroom, soft bean curd, Sichuan-style numbing fish maw and dark blood cubes, crispy cheese sausages, shrimp wontons, wasabi-flavoured pork and mushroom balls, and fried bean curd puffs. 

There's also a new Taiwan-style smoothie on the set menu, with flavours such as red milk tea latte with pearls, and Shizuoka green tea with creamy cheese topping. 

2/F, No.8 Observatory Road, Tsim Sha Tsui; 27/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay

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