Shake Shack opening in ifc: what we think of it
Date Published : 08 Feb 2018

We’ve been talking about it since last year….*drumroll* Shake shack is to open in Central ifc mall this coming spring. We’ve already got some amazing burger spots in Hong Kong, but there’s always space for cult-picks. 

There’s a nostalgic kick to why Shake Shack has a cult status in the states, starting out in NYC’s Madison park, the simple & quality-driven burgers are a reminder of the ‘roadside’ burgers found in the past before all these fancy dry-aged or insta-friendly or cheese-skirt types came out. 

Shake Shack’s menu is simple. Quality beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato and their signature shacksauce. The HK branches will also feature their chicken sandwich, their amazing shakes (hence the name) and their signature crinkle-cut fries. Their buns are specially designed so that none of the toppings along with the patty slips off. (Don't you just hate it when burgers do that? And pizzas... and hot dogs.. when they just pop out and run for the hills) 

Hong Kong’s totally hyped for it, and considering the status of burgers here, we can easily say that it’s probably going to be huge. That being said, we’ve tried Seoul’s Shake Shack and it just doesn’t do it compared to the original in NYC. Sourcers (ingredients), staff, management change according to each region, so once it hits the 852, we'll have to try it with fresh eyes to fully compare. 

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