Tom yum lovers: look out for these quirky goodies this May
Date Published : 04 May 2017

Absolutely obsessed with Tom Yum? Then you’re in luck, cos it seems the whole of Hong Kong is crazy about it… and they’re adding it to EVERYTHING. Here are five of the quirkiest Tom Yum flavoured dishes that go further than the classic Tom Yum Goong soup.

Peek Gai Tod @Cafe Siam
Everyone's favourite Cafe Siam is jumping on this Tom Yum trend. The Peek Gai Tod is a deep-fried single bone chicken wing in Tom Yum sauce. The Tom Yum flavour lightly coats the chicken-wing that is conveniently hanging off one single bone, making this much easier to eat. Tangy and crispy in the outside, savoury and juicy in the inside, pair it with your favourite beer and you're set. 21 D'Aguilar St, Central, 2851 4803; cafesiam.com.hk

Ah Yat Abalone Tom Yum Cognac Cocktail @Ah Yat Harbour View Restaurant
This sweet and sour, refreshing version of a Bloody Mary is a concoction that uses abalone and Tom Yum as main ingredients for the cocktail. Hermanus abalone from South Africa meets Hennessy V.S.O.P infused with the spicy and tanginess of Tom Yum. Finished with tomato juice and lime, this Tom Yum twist is featured in an 11-course Ao Yun Wine Pairing Dinner Menu offered at Ah Yat Harbour View Restaurant. 29/F, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, 2328 0983; facebook.com/ahyathk

Tom Yum Popcorn @Garrett popcorn
That tangy sweet-sour taste of the lime and lemongrass dances on the tip of your tongue first. You don’t notice the spice until a few crunchy bites, and then when you swallow the savoury morsel, it finally hits you in the face. The spiciness is slow but sure, it leaves a tingly sensation in your mouth before you reach to grab another. That’s how the new Tom Yum flavoured popcorn from Garrett feels like. Is it still cheese? It definitely is, but for anyone who is familiar with Tom Yum, they could guess this was Tom Yum flavoured blindfolded. For those popcorn lovers who don’t, get ready for a pleasantly spicy surprise. Shop 1050, 1/F,ifc Mall, 1 Harbor, N View St, Central, garrettpopcorn.hk

Tom Yum Fish and Chips @White Beard Fish & Chips
This isn’t just a classic fish and chips dish served with a dash of Tom Yum sauce. The fish itself is flavoured in Tom Yum before it was even fried. The fish is marinated in a homemade and freshly blended Tom Yum sauce that contains lemongrass, Thai ginger, dried chillies, fish sauce, dried lemon grass powder, lemon leaves and shallots. The fish is then deep-fried in a beer batter (as we like it!) and served with a Tom Yum and vinegar sauce. A spicy, moreish and finger-lickin' version of our favourite British dish. Central Ferry Pier Link Building, 7 Man Yiu St, Central, 2386 0022; facebook.com/Whitebeardfishandchips

Tom Yum risotto @The Pantry
This one's one of The Pantry's signatures. Easily recognisable by the mutant size Jumbo Tiger Prawn that sits on top of a bed of Tom Yum risotto. The risotto is cooked in a homemade Tom Yum sauce along with pieces of cooked squid and mushrooms. The whole meal comes with a spicy Thai-inspired dip on the side. If you compare the size of the prawn to the fork and spoons on the side, you have an idea of how gigantic this prawn is. Fans of Tom Yum Goong would already know how fantastic prawns go with Tom Yum! 2133, Sorrento Tower 1, 1 Austin Rd W, Yau Ma Tei, 2348 8219; facebook.com/thepantryhk

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