The ThirtySix: if a Louis Vuitton suitcase was a bar

In the venue where Angel Share used to be, is a new cocktail bar that feels a little like you’ve walked on to the Orient Express. A First Class ticket in one hand and a Louis Vuitton suitcase in the other, you push through the heavy door to find yourself in a fancy ‘locomotive’ bar. Quilted couches, luxurious blue drapes and cushions embellished with little leather straps, the ThirtySix Bar & Co., is quite a transporting experience. Add to this, we were notified that ThirtySix has all-female bartenders and an all-male serving team, which was something more of a concurrence than a concept… and we approved!​

Curated collection

At first glance, it is made clear that each cocktail has its own story. From the traditional Highlander, a mix of Benriach 10 Years with house-made soda, along with more sweeter funkier concoctions, such as the Terroir featuring St. George Terroir Gin, watermelon juice and soda water.​
Our firm favourite was the 21st Century California, a mix of Alipus San Baltazar Guelavila Joven Mezcal (a mouthful!), Rinomato Bianco, creme de cacao white, lemon lime oleo cordial and soda water. Served on the glass was a small piece of slightly roasted chocolate, placed right at the tip where the nose just misses the glass. The smell of the chocolate hits first, and then the smokiness of the mezcal, before the citrusy aftertaste. We were blown away!​
Another notable cocktail was the B for Mayor’s Boilermaker, a drink inspired by railroad workers who built and maintained trains. They were known to take shots of a particularly strong homemade tipple, which was mixed with cheap beer, served after work. A much needed relief after a long, hard day. At ThirtySix their after-work drink mixes Becherovka herbal liqueur, Rebel Yell Kentucky straight bourbon, thyme syrup, lemon juice and beer foam, to create an elegant, and somewhat feminine take, on this otherwise burly drink.​
We will be back
The overall interior has not changed too much from Angel Share, the place is still just as dimly lit (and stylish), and there is still that lovely circular private room separated with curtains. Yet, there are some crucial changes that may be bringing us back. Apart from the drinks, many of which pleasantly surprised us, there is also an interesting ‘vault’ smack bang in the middle of the bar. A sort of locked dungeon room that’s decked with neon pink lights and bottles of liquor, it reminded us a little of the seedier streets of Amsterdam at night.

Angie Kwon

Restaurant Details
2/F, 23 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
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