Sprout: new vegetarian buffet

There’s a new vegetarian buffet in Wanchai that’s been buzzing since its opening early this month. Just down Hennessy Road is Sprout, a small little restaurant with a long line every lunchtime. Specialising on lunch and dinner buffets, it’s a good spot for some fast plant-based grub, and the price is pretty reasonable too at HK$98 during lunch hours and HK$138 for dinner.We tried the lunch buffet. We got there around 12:30 only to find a long line outside, and the buffet yet to be ready. We were around the last few to get a seat, so it’s best you get there early. It’s a pay-first kind of deal as well. The buffet starts with a cauldron of Chinese-style broth soup and steamed rice. We scoop some on our plate and start with the hot dishes. There are a variety of hot dishes including eggplant with minced vegetarian meat, sauteed mushrooms, stir-fried snap peas with mushrooms, mashed potatoes and a pasta with a cream-based sauce (Vegan or not, we are not sure, so do check). All of these weren’t exceptional but they did the job.


In the end of the buffet table there is a large selection of salads including the basic greens, cold tofu and pasta salads. We would have preferred a basic vinaigrette as all that were available were three house made sauces that honestly tasted inappropriately fruity. Not to our taste at all!

There were a choice of two amazing traditional Chinese desserts including a pan-fried ricecake with red beans and a nutty tapioca-based ricecake that we do not know the exact name of. These were incredible and we had seconds of it!


All in all, it’s a solid place for a quick lunch. We wouldn’t say the buffet was fully vegan, but much of the sauces used vegan dairy so with some control in the menu, we would definitely recommend it to vegan eaters as well.

Restaurant Details
181 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
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