Ramen Cubism: only 200 bowls a day


There’s another long line driving foot traffic to Wellington Street. Right next to the bustle of Chua Lam Pho’s lines, there’s a new ramen spot that just opened. Ramen Cubism, the latest Japanese import, and the international flagship project of two chefs: ramen masters, Hayashi Takao and Matsumura Takahiro. With a cult following and a cheeky limit of 200 bowls a day, it’s no surprise that people are going crazy for it.​
Nailed the noodles
Ramen Cubism currently has five different ramen bowls available, including a clear broth, a white broth and a spicy white soup with a secret blend of spices. All served with the signature slow-cooked pork belly. We ordered the Premium Cubism, featuring a white soup base with three slices of pork belly and an in-house onsen egg. We waited less than five minutes for the ramen to arrive. The large portion made us think of a Captain America shield - impressive and imposing. The all important noodles were exceptional. Made on a traditional Japanese ramen-making machine, they were slightly thicker than the usual, with a consistent chewy texture that lasted throughout. Definitely something we haven’t had before. The three big slices of pork belly were draped delicately on the side, keeping the meat from overcooking. It was delicious with a light and delicate flavour, thinly sliced.​
In fact, nailed it all
The soup broth itself was incredible. Best when it’s hot, rich in flavour with a light, non greasy aftertaste. We have to admit, that as we got to the end of the bowl, and the broth got lukewarm, it started getting a tad too rich. So our recommendation: the hot soup is a knockout so don’t take your time with it, slurp it up as fast as you can. We also ordered a serving of gyoza dumplings, which were also incredibly good. Possibly some of the best we’ve had in Hong Kong! They were served with two creamy sauces, one chilli focused and the other vinegar driven. They were both more umami than spicy and double dipping became allowed, just this once.

So is Ramen Cubism worth the wait? If you love ramen, if you love noodles, we definitely think so. After tasting it was easy to understand why both the broths and noodles are known to have a cult following in Japan, they are both next level.

Angie Kwon

Restaurant Details
B/F, Yuen Yick Building 27-29 Wellington Street, Central
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