Hunter & The Chase: your bison, rabbit, geoduck fix

A few days ago we went to Hunter and The Chase, two new modern contemporary style restaurants different from anything we’ve seen before. The Chase (3/F) being the casual bistro & al fresco bar with a cheese bar, and the Hunter (4/F) on the floor above, being a more upscale restaurant with a special magic for game meat & other wild ingredients. We started our night off at The Chase, a place for all the comfort food we desire and the most innovative new cocktails. We started off with a colorful cheese plate from a wee corner of the restaurant affectionately named Ralphie’s Cheese Bar. If you know anything about us, we do not say no to cheese, ever, and we were glad that we didn’t because the ones we got to indulge in were nothing short of a dream. We tried a couple including a beautifully soft blue cheese (we could literally eat a whole block of it), paired with a sweet cocktail that tasted like Christmas (Barrel Boulevardier with bourbon, sweet vermouth, Campari and all-spice). After a couple more cheeses paired specially with special wines to bring out the flavors more, we moved on to Hunter. The Hunter puts a wild twist in Hong Kong's modern dining scene with a specialization on game dishes on its menu. This includes wild bison, rabbit, geoduck, and octopus all of which were prepared very differently from the next but still maintained the “wild” element through the plating and the tangy savory flavor they contained. Many of the dishes like the Potted Rabbit Confit were garnished with a pickled vegetable like a carrot which complimented the flavors of the rabbit perfectly.  The three bison dishes include the perfectly medium rare bison steak, the bison tartare laced with spicy aioli and shaved forest mushrooms and the bison short ribs that came with a tangy bundle of house-fermented pickles. 

The Spanish Octopus was hands down our most surprising dish of the night. Definitely unexpected, how good it was I mean, the octopus was presented in an ancho chili and garlic dressing which we could eat all day every day. It was the perfect balance between mild spice and a garlic wrapping the soft and chewy octopus making a perfect harmony. Sorry, we got a little too carried away there with the music talk. What could be a better way to end the night than with desserts. We got to try the Lemon Meringue Pie which was presented in a really innovative way, but the best part was the tangy flavor which hits as soon as you take your first scoop. The next was the Cheddar crust apple pie baked to perfection if we do so ourself. The night ended with the much-awaited chocolate dome which melted to present one of the most crunchy pieces of cake we have had in a while.

Hunter and The Chase gave a very new and innovative dining experience and it was worth every penny. We have become the prey to this wildly amazing restaurant.


Vanshika Grey

Restaurant Details
3/F and 4/F, The L Place, 139 Queen's Road Central, Central
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