Rosemantic Summer Afternoon Tea

Rosemantic summer” two striking words on a wall of picturesque pink roses greeted us affectionately at the entrance of Cafe HABITŪ. Tucked away in an obscure section of Mira Place’s lower ground floor, we have to say it was a bit of an excursion to get there from the train, but the sight of the charming rose themed garden made it worth the long haul.

Upon seating, we ordered the rosemantic tea set, encompassing the mini rosemantic parfait, mini HABITU rose, rose crunchy choco pop and two rose infused beverages.

First up was the rosemantic tea jelly soda, apparently the favourite among customers. We cautiously took our first sip, and our taste buds received a jarring shock: the drink was excessively sour, and frankly, was not the refreshing beverage we had anticipated. We would have liked for a drink that was lighter, and more reminiscent of rose.

Next, we were presented with a bright white and pink coloured rose & apple yoghurt smoothie, that looked far too enchanting to eat. We dug in anyway and after the first sip, discovered that it’s dense and thick texture was surprisingly pleasant. The rose and honey infused yoghurt melded well with the fresh apples without being overly sweet, whilst preserving its prominent rose essence, which our taste buds thanked.

Then came the mini rosemantic parfait in a mini clip top jar. With a bottom layer of yoghurt topped by a spread of rose jam, a handful of granola, and a glorious mountain of fresh whipped cream, we adored it's full-bodied taste. The combination of homemade rose jam and plain yoghurt was especially aromatic, whilst the granola on top offered the right amount of crunch. This certainly was not an indulgent dessert and would be an ideal midday bite, or one for health-conscious customers.

Presented in an embellished pink jar were two rose crunchy choco pops that were a vivid shade of pink and molded into the shape of a rose. Despite being undoubtedly alluring, eating the pink shell was very much akin to eating straight sugar. The chocolate on the inner layer was vaguely better but still lacked complexity. Definitely not a favourite.

Next up, the mini HABITU rose. Spongy soft and made with garden fresh strawberries, it was too tasty to be true. It was a tad dry for our liking, but other than that, it was luscious and the layers of rose cream were not overpowering. The touch of Parisian rose petals and top-quality white chocolate shavings on the top were the perfect add-ons for the dainty cake. To our surprise, the chocolate and the rose flavours fused together perfectly to create a unique balance.

Then, the item we had been aching to try arrived: the delicate Parisian rose crespelle cake. Made with 20 perfectly thin layers of handmade crepes, it's hard to forgo. The thin spread of rose-infused cream amongst the layers of crepe was full-flavoured and buttery. We especially enjoyed the cake’s distinct silky texture that complemented its fragrant flavour. Delectable - but we wouldn’t necessarily compare it to Lady M’s famed crepe cakes.

Of all the dishes we tried, we would consider the rosemantic tea jelly soda and the rose crunchy choco pops to be a bit of a miss. Though we were not the biggest fans of every dish, we would gladly return, merely to experience the beautifully ornate rosemantic garden while the promotion lasts. We certainly wouldn’t mind having another one of our favourite crespelle cakes, either!

Restaurant Details
Shop B142, B1, Mira Place, Tsim Sha Tsui
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