Japanese Brazilian food in Uma Nota 

Even for those familiar with Japanese Brazilian food this place delivers plenty of surprises. At Uma Nota, they’re keen to point out that the combination of Japanese techniques and fresh Brazilian ingredients that they serve isn’t a fusion food, but rather the product of a unique culture created when Japanese workers began arriving in Brazil in the early twentieth century.

Uma Nota serves up delicious street food inspired by Sao Paulo (home to the largest Japanese community of outside of Japan). Inside, the restaurant is surprisingly spacious, with an unpretentious laid-back vibe. The menu is imaginatively put-together, each section offering a uniquely conceived vegetarian offering; the mushroom-based vegetarian cerviché has a wonderful texture and packs some bold punchy flavours.

Seafood features prominently on the menu; dishes such as the scallop tiradito are perfect for sharing. We also tried the Banana Dulce - featuring the unexpected combination of plantain and crab meat - it’s a starchy, fishy joy.

And the cocktails… the Caipirinhas are not to be missed, ask for the daily special, or if you’re feeling adventurous just work your way down the list.

Restaurant Details
Uma Nota, 38 Peel St, Central, 
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