Chullschick: peruvian street food or just your next roast chicken fix

Hong Kong's first ever Peruvian rotisserie Chullschick recently opened. That one hill in Soho with all the beautiful instagrammable murals? That's where Chullschick is, and to fit the vibe of the area, they've got their own Peruvian-inspired mural as well. Of course we stopped by for a few selfies first. It was already buzzing with hungry lunchgoers, as we talked to them, we realised many have come here quite a few times already. We got quite excited, it must be good! 
We started off with the soup of the day. It was pretty mild in flavor but a good start to the meal. It was made of chicken broth with a few herbs in it. Now came the main dishes which we were excited for. First came the Peruvian Salchipapa, a mix of sausages and french fries covered in tomato sauce and a special Peruvian homemade sauce. The fries resembled a lot like fast food fries but the king of the dish was the homemade Peruvian sauce it came with. We thought it was like any other mustard sauce but when we tried it, it was nothing of that sorts. It had a really tangy flavor with a little spicy hit in the end. It was some kind of yellow mustard mayo, well whatever it was we want more.

The dish we were waiting for finally came, the Rotisserie Chicken. We ordered it with a salad and garlic rice as sides. The chicken was delicious, it had a soothing homemade food taste to it, the kind of food your mom would make on special occasions. The chicken skin was so flavorful and crispy. We loved it so much we couldn't resist asking how it was made and it made a lot of sense when we got to know that its made with 15 different spices. Wow, I don’t even think we can name that many. ​
Another main we ordered was the A La Brasa Sandwich, which had shredded chicken, butter lettuce, tomatoes, avocado puree, and tartare sauce in it. It was all wrapped in their special Chulls bread which was very soft and crumbly. A pro advice for the sandwich: do NOT cut it in half, we tried that and, well, let's just say it wasn’t much of a sandwich that we ate after that, more like a mash. Still, it was pretty good for a mushed up sandwich all thanks to us. Also, wrap the sandwich with the paper given on the plate to help keep your hands clean.

New rotisserie chicken lunch haunt, check.


Vanshika Grey

Restaurant Details
Shop D, G/F, 45-53A Graham Street Central, Hong Kong
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