MEATS: east meats west

Perched at the junction of Staunton Street and Graham Street lies MEATS, Pirata Group's most recent dining inspiration that's set to become an urban oasis for Hong Kong meat lovers and foodies alike. This place doesn't take reservations, and it's pretty hard to secure a seat, but it all counts into the meat-stery of it all.  Bringing the Midas touch of Australian interior designer Samantha Eades (Tokyolima/ Pici) into the mix, the atmosphere of Meats is as enigmatic as a De Chirico painting, bringing a sense of Melbourne chic with soft furnishings juxtaposed against solid brass fittings, rusticated mirrors and chequerboard wood flooring. The lighting is set low, inviting a casual mood to the soirée, while the kitchen takes centre stage wrapped in French style windows that give us an intriguing look into the magician's lair. True to its name, MEATS offers a variety of carefully crafted dishes guaranteed to satisfy your most carnivorous of cravings. We got off to a stellar start with the first serving of bone marrow, draped with anchovy butter and tarragon crumbs, and spread over crisp toasted bread (HK $120). The saltiness of the anchovy cuts through the rich savoury marrow nicely, while the crunchy bread serves as the perfect palette to showcase this moreish flavour combo. Another of our top picks of the night was the grilled Hanger Steak served medium rare and paired with a Korean BBQ Jalapeno relish (HK $160) the relish gave a nice fiery kick to the dish. The steak was masterfully prepared, caramelized on the outside with a tender and moist texture within. The zesty relish accompaniment was bursting with flavour with a nice touch of Eastern flare. The portion sizes are not too big, not too small, but just right for sharing. The Rotisserie Chicken (HK $180) needs no introduction, but we can't help gushing about it anyway. Whether served with Meats own freshly prepared chicken sauce or au naturale, the chicken comes with a crispy golden skin that locks in all of the succulent flavourful meat. For a choice of sides, you cant go wrong with the Ugly Potatoes (HK $75). Cooked in all the meaty goodness of the rotisserie Chicken juices and flavoured with garlic and thyme, we are too full, but we couldn't help but have more.​ ​Who could say they only put effort into their meat dishes. After chowing down on all of the meaty offerings, what better way to keep the night going than with a Caffe Mocha dessert (HK $75). Served in a glass coffee cup, this delectable delicacy sang to our sweet tooth with a rich and dense coffee-cream layered on top of an espresso sponge. There are notes of Tonka beans that linger on the palate, and an added dash of Patron Xo that packs a punch.

Service also comes with a smile at MEATS, with a well-honed team that are more than happy to showcase their board knowledge of the menu and make recommendations to suit your taste, so don’t be shy!

Hidy Fung


Restaurant Details
G/F 28 – 30, Staunton Street, Soho, Central
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